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Your Content Marketing  Agency for Business Outcomes

Crafting value to achieve your business visions

Content marketing is all about creating unique proposition for your product or service with different types of content, so that your target audience will smoothly travel from the stage of awareness to developing a desire to purchase and finally deciding to buy your product/service. addKraft is a content marketing agency located in Chennai providing 101 Content types.

The world of business is a chess board where the right moves shape a million success stories. Every successful game is unique, but the right dose of strategy, tactics, skill and accuracy always weaves magic. In the real world, business is much more complex, with no board for support or organized lines for guidance.

As content marketing agency, Aaddkraft’s purpose is to create such magical stories in the challenging world of business using the right combination of three fundamental tools:

What Strategy-Marketing-Content means to addkraft, a content marketing agency


Strategy breathes life into the core existence of any business. addkraft provides support in strategic planning – as marketing consulting and a content marketing agency, we work with your team to understand the purpose of your initiative and draft a plan-of-action that details the road to success.

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Marketing draws the audience’s attention to the organization’s innovations, products, and services, educating and enthralling them, creating awareness and arousing curiosity among the prospective buyers. When marketing takes direction from strategic planning, your results are bang on. addkraft , a content marketing agency fuels this energetic and passionate aspect of crafting your success story.

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Content – whether contextual or strategic – forms the backbone of all business ventures. Where customer is king, content is the kingmaker. addkraft crafts content that works in the background and scripts custom-made success stories.

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Whom we work for

Addkraft has the ability to support the following verticals:

  • Content for Digital Marketing Companies
  • Content for SaaS product and Services companies
  • Content for e-Commerce organizations
  • Content for Independent software vendors (ISVs)
  • Content for Technology product companies
  • Content for B2B Technology Consulting companies
  • Content for Publishing companies
  • Any organization that is knowledge and technology intensive

Addkraft content writing approach strategy

What we deliver

addkraft delivers a strategic marketing package customized to our client’s specific needs from the ideation stage to lead generation stage and uses various flavors of content to retain your followers’ interest in your business.

Our strengths

Experience: We are just over an year old! But we started on our own after gaining two decades of experience in the fields of marketing, sales, content management and publishing. The experience we have gained as a team across multiple domains, from healthcare to manufacturing and further to publishing, has shaped our thought and helped us gain knowledge and exposure about how the various industries function.

Tactics: Our work mantra is simple – we work with the client to unravel the client’s goals and objectives with respect to an existing or new product or service. We then prepare specific Strategic-Marketing-Content blueprints that serve as the framework for the client’s marketing plan. We finally work as per the scripted blueprint to chart out business ecosystems, create awareness, educate buyers, nurture leads, engage influencers and generate sales-ready leads – in all these activities, content will be the key stroke.

Competence: Our competence lies in our skill set mapping – we are a team that specializes in content writing for various media (websites, e-commerce portals, brochures, social media, case studies, etc.), buyer persona creation, competitive intelligence research, market research and lead generation. This assortment of skill sets makes our content marketing agency competent to manage the diverse requirements from ideation to implementation.

Organized approach: As a content marketing agency, we have a defined approach, which could be tweaked for specific projects but never broken. This approach, as defined earlier, ensures that we do not make assumptions about our client’s requirements, that we chart out a plan every time and that we work by the planned script at the phase of implementation. But yes, we are always ready for surprises!

Specific focus on technology marketing, content development and lead generationTechnology marketing in India is the one of most wanted support services for the IT industry. Whether the market focus is niche, segmented, differentiated, domestic or overseas, Indian technology companies are looking for expertise support in technology services marketing for India. Within technology marketing, right content development and business lead generation in India are the key focus. Big firms can develop brand building with ease and can manage the length and breadth of technology marketing; however, small and medium software product companies, where marketing and sales are not focus areas, face challenges because the marketing drive depends on the values and beliefs of founders, who are mostly technology-minded developers or software coders, whose focus is entirely on product development.

addKraft specializes in technology marketing for Indian software product companies who aim at strategically positioning their products and services in their buyers’ mind, but want to avoid spending a huge budget in brand building. Our approach to technology marketing for Indian services is suited for independent software owners who strive for increasing their product/service visibility, value proposition and sales performance. Our content development initiatives include creating original and customized content with a sharp focus on preparing the marketing arms and ammunition for prospects, customers, investors, potential partners and mass media contacts.

Emerging markets such as India are experiencing a great push towards software product development, building IP. Thousands of product and service start-ups are entering the market nowadays; however, how many of these enterprising ventures just survive, stay afloat, or succeed depends on their ability to effectively overcome internal and external pressures. A robust go-to marketing strategy and execution is one of the key differentiators that help script success stories. For example, a go-to-marketing for USA requires a combination of b2b content development with USA focus followed by b2b lead generation services from India to bring the cost down. addKraft helps these companies in technology marketing from both India and USA, b2b content development from India and b2b lead generation from India. addkraft services cover technology marketing from India and USA, content development from India, and b2b lead generation from India; these services aid small and medium software product companies in providing outsourced technology marketing support, which is an effective substitute for a costly CMO and an entire team of marketing staff. Software codes and product owners looking for technology marketing in India thus would not feel insecure about focusing on advanced marketing techniques. They can outsource specific go-to-marketing campaigns to teams that specialize in developing value proposition, b2b content development and b2b lead generation.