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Demand Generation for Small and Medium IT companies

15 Jul 2016, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

The realm of marketing has always been an issue of concern for small and medium companies, as they are often perplexed by the wide range of problems related to marketing practices that has challenged their overall productivity in today’s immensely competitive marketplace. This articles covers…

SaaS product sales

01 Jun 2016, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

SaaS_sales_lead_generation Few months back, I wrote an article about SaaS product sales. ‘Don’t sell your SaaS product – gift your audience a positive experience of their lifetime!’ This is in continuation of that thoughts and this is about SaaS product sales and its  unique challenges…

Business owners should write their own content!

28 Oct 2015, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

Surprised? So was I! A haggard business owner promptly responded with these tired words when I introduced myself as a content writer during a recent IT product conclave. I inquired further, intrigued. He explained that he had worked with a few content writers in the…