Competitive Intelligence


Competitive intelligence when combined with strategic content and marketing forms the next level of complimentary fundamentals essential for business success.

In a competitive marketplace, clear, precise and up-to-date information defines the difference between catching up, overtaking or being left behind in the race to achieving success. Acquiring competitive information, and gaining data regarding competitive gap andcompetitive landscape, and applying this knowledge tothe organization’scompetitive strategy are critical for the organization’s success irrespective of its stage of business, that is, start-up, growth, sustenance or exit stage. It is imperative that the organizationassesses and analyzes its competitors both from a strategic and a tactical standpoint. Such brand-building exercises or product positioning initiatives, through derivatives such as value proposition, pricing, product versions, marketing campaignsand promotional programs, help differentiate your organization from other competitors and contribute to your transition into big players.These activities provide your organization with a razor-sharp focus to proactively move ahead of competition.

Addkraft’s competitive intelligence process uses techniques and methods that deploy targeted and specific questionsto gain insight about the organization’s competitors and also recommendoptimal competitive marketing strategy for your organization.