Content and Lead Generation


Finally, at the core, strategic content and marketing, competitive intelligence and customer acquisition are the integral, complementary elements that work integrally to ensure business success.

Crafting the right content is the foundation for any lead generation and lead conversion campaign. With strategic content in place, acquiring, engaging and retaining prospects and customers in today’s customer-centric world will be a smooth sailing process.

Addkraft’s content crafters provide simple, concise, but strategic, content for lead generation campaigns. Quality business leads will fall in place if you have a laser-focused, engaging and inspiring content. Such content will also help educate the potential customers about the value you hope to bring through your ideas, services and products.

Addkraft provides support in digital marketing, lead generation, demand generation, marketing campaigns and go-to-market campaigns. Our crafters will provide not only content but also final marketing outputs such as corporate presentations, brochures, product presentations, websites,eCommerce portals, microsites, flyers,customer case studies, cheat sheets, white papers, ROI sheets,ebooks, sales guides, slide-shares, YouTube videos, animations, webinar contents, social media contents and blog posts.

Addkraft team can execute marketing campaigns for existingand new products and services. We use methodologies such as primary and secondary research, email marketing, SEO, telemarketing, telesales and social media marketing as resources to achieve optimal coverage for your services and products and to communicate your vision to your target audience.

For us, content is not king; it is the kingmaker! Do allow us to mine the unlimited potential knowledge and creative content to ensure that your business dreams are realized.