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The great Indian e-Commerce Mela

10 Sep 2015, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

Online commercial activities are definitely the first option for any type of transaction today because of its easy access – during anytime, from anywhere, and for anything – you are assured of an efficient service and an enjoyable experience. With the advent of the e-commerce…

Content – the rainmaker for SaaS products

18 Jun 2015, Posted by addkraft in Technology marketing

A few years back, I attended a sales strategy session where many experienced strategic thinkers brought together their 15-25 years of ERP brilliance and sales experience to find a solution to an ever-concerning problem – building the perfect strategy to acquire and retain “best-fit” customers….

Top brands use original and quality content writing for branding

02 Feb 2015, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

Nowadays, traditional advertising options themselves require advertisements to survive competition! With the advent of several alternate modes of using content writing for branding – contextual and strategic content – alternate modes of building brand recognition are gaining importance as preferred options for premium brands. So…