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In a state of perpetual “wow” effect

02 Feb 2016, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

Guaranteed eternal honeymoon period with your target audience through content marketing We live in a world of constant disruption, where change has become an essential aspect of every realm of life. This trend was catalyzed by the intense digital boom, which empowered everyone to have…

The great Indian e-Commerce Mela

10 Sep 2015, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing

Online commercial activities are definitely the first option for any type of transaction today because of its easy access – during anytime, from anywhere, and for anything – you are assured of an efficient service and an enjoyable experience. With the advent of the e-commerce…

Call-to-Action – Just Do It!

17 Aug 2015, Posted by addkraft in Content marketing, Uncategorized

Yes, Nike’s most popular tagline accurately describes the purpose of call-to-action in today’s content-centric marketing. A magic term that draws your audience’s attention, tells them what action they need to take next, and summarizes the purpose of your overall content – today’s content showstopper is…

Content – the rainmaker for SaaS products

18 Jun 2015, Posted by addkraft in Technology marketing

A few years back, I attended a sales strategy session where many experienced strategic thinkers brought together their 15-25 years of ERP brilliance and sales experience to find a solution to an ever-concerning problem – building the perfect strategy to acquire and retain “best-fit” customers….