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At addKraft, we kraft content and add value!. There are believers in the industry that content is the king especially in the digital world. They want different types of content that are used to market their brand, company, product, service and personnel. Starting from content for website, b2b content, go-to-market set of collateral to Videos, we have listed 101 types of content that we have created or we can create with copyrights attached to you.

Successful business leaders use different types of content to convey the business values to their customers. At different marketing and sales stages of the buyer’s journey such as awareness, interest generating, desire and action stage, different types of content are used. In a b2b sales scenario, different content types are used for those who are unaware of the problem, those once they understand the problem, when they really start evaluating solution and when they decide to buy the product or your service.We will provide original and genuine content that is close to your intrinsic values of your product or brand.

Need for Content: Surveys by Content Marketing Institute, USA suggests companies must use at least ten types of content as a muscle for their sales staff.

Confidentiality: Content which is created for you will not be shared to any other 3rd party and will be protected under strict Non Disclosure Agreement.

How we do? All through online meetings! This can be just over a phone call or Skype/Google-hang out meetings, we can complete the content works. GET YOUR QUOTE TODAY! contact@addkraft.com

Content Types for company and products listed below;

1 Content for Website
2 Content for Corporate / Company Brochure – Short 2 Page
3 Content for Corporate / Company Brochure – Detailed 4 Page
4 Content for Corporate / Company Newsletters
5 Content for Personal bios – Linked-in / Web / Wikipedia
6 Content for CEO presentation- Product / Project / Solution
7 Content for Investor presentation Detailed PPT
8 Content for Investor presentation summary 2 Page PDF
9 Daily Quotes and Inspirational messages
10 Wikipedia profile creation and editing
11 Business strategy templates and content
12 Sales Strategy Templates and Content
13 Marketing strategy templates and Content
14 Copy editing service on company report
15 Social media audit report
16 Search engine audit report
17 Company valuation report
18 Annual Report preparation
19 Product Value Proposition note
20 Product Market Positioning note
21 Point of View article blog posts 500-600 words
22 Product / Service landing page content
23 Blog posts- short form type – 300- 400 words
24 Product intro videos in sec (45 Sec to 120 mins)
25 Product teaser videos in sec (30 Sec to 45 Sec)
26 Product training videos for end users
27 Webinars content for prospects
28 Thought leadership article Series
29 Whitepaper for different sales stages
30 Customer Case studies – Short – One Page
31 Product Comparison note
32 Podcast audio in seconds – mp3
33 Aggregation of articles – Abstract from max 6 articles
34 Animated gifs – teaser videos
35 Technology Capability Document word / ppt
36 Case studies – Video in sec – 90 sec
37 Custom Certifications
38 Cheat sheets for sales team
39 Demo / Presentation handouts for sales team
40 Price sheet Product/Service for sales team
41 Customer reviews
42 Embedded tweets
43 Event information
44 FAQs
45 Product flyers – 2 page
46 Illustrations
47 Info graphics
48 Interviews
49 Memes
50 Micro blog posts
51 Research/synthesized information Product/Service
52 Customer Testimonials Product/Service
53 Timelines graphics Product/Service
54 Product definitions for eCommerce Product/Service
55 Daily Twitter chats Product/Service
56 User-generated content Product/Service
57 Vlogs – series of short videos about your product or service
58 Lead capturing page in WordPress for product / service
59 Pre-sales presentations for sales staff
60 Worksheets for sales/ marketing plan
61 Instagram content
62 Digital banners for any Social Media Channel
63 b2b content end user training content
64 Posters for events
65 Go-to-market set of collateral
66 Product road-map templates and content
67 User manual for products
68 Partner marketing brochure
69 partner marketing presentation
70 Email scripts different persona
71 Facebook’s ads
72 Linkedin ads / Linkedin -In-mails
73 Google PPC
74 Elevator pitch – CXO
75 Elevator pitch – Mid Level / Shop floor staff
76 Tele-Marketing script
77 Social media channel banners
78 Video script
79 Gartner based analyst report
80 Aberdeen based analyst report
81 Website terms and conditions
82 SaaS application portal content
83 b2b eCommerce marketing content
84 b2b eCommerce marketing content
85 SaaS portal agreements
86 SaaS portal terms – Legal
87 SaaS portal terms – Non Legal
88 SaaS portal pricing content
89 Mob Apps teaser videos
90 Mobile APPs promotion videos
91 Mobile APPs content
92 Proposal content for sales team
93 In-depth or long form blog posts
94 Digital product magazines
95 Online Presentations for sales
96 Buyers guide 15-20 pages
97 Contests and polls
98 Content for channel partner marketing
99 Abstract from multiple articles
100 SEO content for product page
101 Strategic content for product page