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7 Best practices of website content

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Seven best practices of website content. One, Two, Three….. In three clicks, relevant content must be accessible to the visitor. In 4 seconds, the visitor will decide to stay or skip. So plan your content, navigation and call to action accordingly. Differentiate from your competition and clutter. Your website is not just a business card for your company’s website, but also the first impression of your business.

What I will do to differentiate you from the competition and clutter?

1 – I will first define your audience

Design and content for your audience. Design and develop your website content for your actual customers. Avoid “you”, “You” randomly in the text content.

Design and develop website content for people. Create good content for human beings to read and engage, and not for search engines or SEO bots.

Define target audience – Clear, concise and precise information – not some content to fill space

2 – I will then structure and organize content clearly

Provide a good stricture, so that the visitor can navigate it easily and reach specific information. The more you research and give accurate information, the more time they spent on your website. In 10 seconds, the user must be able to get the information and they should decide to stay there for 10 more seconds.

3 – I will ensure the content and business story are original.

I will create organic content. I will never copy website content. You may legal actions or search engines will penalise your website. Using someone else content or already used content on other websites is plagiarism. Check the plagiarism before posting to the website.

4 – I will also provide descriptive information.

I can show the summary of the service or products benefits in bullet points. I can show the same content in text, imagery or video format. If we provide it in the text, detailed information about products and services can be descriptive with ‘know more’. Less text content, more space for images.

5 – I will ensure clear navigation menus will attract an audience

The separation of content layers and content types will provide easy navigation for the visitor. By placing the menu on navigation bars and call-to-action buttons and links will be effective.

6 – I will use images that are contextual

Images help to communicate the message. Images can be ornamental or decorative. If it is decorative, then it must not be indexed to the keywords. Small size letters and illegible font types. Wrong contrast in letter and background. Avoid illegible images. Avoid unwanted animation of the text and images. If there is animation, it must be very much appropriate to convey the business proposition, and not just to get eye attention.

7- finally, I will get then give mind-blowing headlines!

Heading or punchlines must win the attention of the visitor

Write short sentences and avoid long sentences. The sentences must not be over 20 words. Use simple words and avoid complex jargon. The sentences must be simple and appealing with informative content.

Your website content will give an obvious message to your visitor. The visitor will spend more time and will browse through your services. The website content must engage and interesting the visitor to do the right call to action on your page. Your website is not only a gatekeeper to your business but also a lasting impression. Connect with me today at 9840856003 for creating a website and its business content. Check out our product brochure and content designs.