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7 Best practices of website content

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Seven best practices of website content. One, Two, Three….. In three clicks, relevant content must be accessible to the visitor. In 4 seconds, the visitor will decide to stay or skip. So plan your content, navigation and call to action accordingly. Differentiate from your competition and clutter. Your website is not just a business card… Read More »7 Best practices of website content

Value proposition writing must be clear and precise.

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In this marketing clutter, what’s your value proposition? Is it working well?  Is your ‘USP’ really working? Are you measuring it? Do you have a value proposition writers in your organization?  Who actually does value proposition writing? Does he/she know how to translate your intrinsic and core values to the audience? Looks at some questions… Read More »Value proposition writing must be clear and precise.

Marketing services for MSME companies

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Differentiate! !!! Differentiate! If MSMEs do NOT differentiate, then the effort spends on marketing will get NO returns. Difffete you from the competition and this is a critical marketing service for MSME companies. I do not want to write about the same SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Ads promotion. These are just activities. The team… Read More »Marketing services for MSME companies