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The brochure is one of the oldest methods in the sales playbook. Let’s look at how to create a b2b brochure and its importance.

While digital strategies are dominating the modern business trends, traditional techniques of features & benefits brochures do not get the attention. The brochure should convey a compelling value proposition and memorable images and be more persuasive to get sales attention.

Brochures are made to attract, convince, engage and acquire customers. 


Purpose of Brochures. 

  • to engage with customers, vendors, and partners.
  • to optimize sales operations
  • to empower employees, build a brand, and increase productivity 
  • to transform products & services and create new business opportunities 

In the commoditized marketplace, company branding, product positioning, and world advancements are redefining what it takes to compete and survive in business. 

Marketing collateral used for b2b branding such as b2b brochures should be able holistic digital experiences to customers, users, partners, vendors, and employees. 

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Marketing and sales enablement digital content is the armory for salespeople. Clear and crisp communication can help the sales folks present it well. Sales folks need direct communication aids to win deals. The designer needs to spend ample  time in understanding the target audience in your brochure. Then customize and personalize to this ideal set of customer profiles & the ‘persona’ if possible. 


Steps to create brochure:

  1. Create thoughtfully, targeted messaging for your marketing brochure
  2. Collect unique, meaningful images or illustrations for your marketing brochure
  3. Design the leaflet/ brochure around your copy, images, and branding
  4. Repurpose the same brochure design for different products

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b2b Brochure creation tips: Infographic

b2b brochure

b2b brochure tips