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laser focused b2b brochure and effective b2b email marketing – case study

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Small and Medium companies are facing challenges to build their brand. This is a marketing campaign case study. This case is about Lead Generation campaign with a special focus on low budget b2b campaigns. The Target Market was Small and Medium Industries of South Asia. Solution provided were Email Marketing, stakeholder wise value proposition through ebrochure and focus personalized brochure for b2b campaigns. These ebrochures were released multiple variants of digital brochure and established Lead generation engine. This case content will cover more on the b2b brochures and b2b email marketing.

The broad objectives of campaigns could include:

Increase brand awareness

Differentiate the service & position

Produce shorter selling cycles

Increase response through interactivity

Low budget marketing process.

Optimize analysis of results through real‐time measurability

Predictable lead generation funnel

Preparatory Work:

Market research

Value proposition & Buyer Journey

b2b brochure plan & distribution

Landing page

Layout changes

eBrochure for b2b releases

Brochure stakeholder-wise

Tools & Methodologies

Email Marketing, Landing page and Brochures

Features of the email campaign

Email is a fast, efficient and targeted means to deliver your personalized message to customers and prospects. This is a good low cost method for prospects to find out about new services. No other medium gets results those are as immediate, cost‐effective and easy to implement.

Focus on Personalized Messages.

Brochures were created providing laser focused messages to the buyers. Brochure for a b2b company needs compelling value proposition. Brochure for b2b was created with a storyboard, theme and more of graphical representation of the key messages. A series of stakeholder-wise ebrochure were designed and distributed.

Email design and distribution.

We had to write the messages relevant and interesting to the target such that it drives qualified leads to your website and your business. Our HTML eMail messages were visually compelling and allow customer to extend its brand and drive users to their website. We had combined text and graphics from the website’s brand and provided internal links directly to the website site.

Tracking Results

We had send send a detailed report that tracks the number of times every link in your eCampaign was clicked and who clicked on it. Metrics such as the number of unsubscribers, forwarded eMails, delivered eMails, opened eMails will also be included. This information serves as a measure of the success of the Campaign and helps in making course corrections.

Planning the Campaign


The base database for the campaign was provided by CUSTOMER as they have a ready to use one. Addkraft had also build databases based on specific criteria depending on CUSTOMER’s needs.


Addkraft came up with campaign themes for specific target segments and the elements of the campaign at the start of the engagement. The campaign had begun only upon receiving a go ahead from CUSTOMER. We had to conceptualize two themes for each target segment and used the themes alternately during campaigns.

Addkraft had to complete access to information relating to CUSTOMER’s track record and customer segments.


In the design of campaign mailers, equal attention was paid to both the design and copy. Call to action was clearly spelt out

We had provided 2 options for the HTML emailer

One the assumption here was that CUSTOMER will give us authentic and valid information to be put into the campaign

We had strictly adhered to the principles of permission marketing and did not resort to spamming

We had reviewed the calling script used by the telemarketers to ensure consistent messaging across both emails and calls

We had provide recommendations for changes to the current website layout and content based on the campaign theme – (the changes was suggested that we has to take the current layout and content and suggest changes to them

The primary outcome was qualified leads who were willing to meet CUSTOMER.

Secondary outcomes

  1. Increased enquiries on website
  2. Increased web traffic
  3. Interest to know more about CUSTOMER

Monitoring of results:

We had prepared a status report on a weekly basis that give an idea of the volume of the communication and the response rates. We got inputs from CUSTOMER like number of emails sent, calls made and responses received to prepare the status report.

A fortnightly review call was conducted to discuss the progress and make course corrections if any. We were expected to give responses after the third or fourth communication. In all, this cycle will take a period of 3‐4 months to yield tangible results. Brochure for b2b and stakeholders brochures were well appreciated by the customer. 12% of the target audience read the b2b brochure and responded, which was above Industry bench-mark performance.

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