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Reduce your sales cycle with effective b2b case study writing.

If you want to reduce your sales cycle, write more effective b2b case studies. Writing case studies is a Professional service, and it is an art. Copywriters or any content writer can create this; however, a compelling b2b case study requires its essential elements and recipes. The writer must know b2b buying behaviour, a bit of domain expertise, marketing knowledge and finally, some language skills. Its a mix of skills that will come out as a compelling or wow impact. You can upload these in the website or use it as sales collateral for your sales folks.

b2b case study writing and layout will take a little longer time.

Even if it will take a few days, in B2B, the content is worth the gold. In that the case study is king! Why? It provides your prospects with concrete evidence of the business outcomes and results after your product or solutions is deployed. Typically, if you are writing original story, content and with graphics, it may take 2- 3 days of full-time work.


The first step is to choose the right project for the case study and write a story about it. Not all deserve a dedicated case study. Some plans are not that great success. So, choose the one that successful, repeat the success with other customers, and strategically position your services for lead capturing and new business.


First of all, you are going disturb one of your happy customers and ask him for his permission to do a case study. An additional comment, testimonial and his /her authorization project with a job title and name will have a significant trust factor for the document. If you were getting the rights for real photos of the end-users, product or layouts, then its a lottery!

Topics and captions

Focus on

The DNA of a perfect case study

What is a case study? A document that illustrates a mutual success also called win-win proposition. This story by presenting a concrete project, yes, but it’s mostly a story. This is the story of your most successful partnerships, the challenges you have overcome, and the positive impact you have on the lives of your customers.

Never treat your case study points as a laundry list.

If your case studies boil down to a cascade of chips coldly listing the technical details of your projects, change your strategy quickly! This case study presentation is the perfect opportunity to bring your promises to life, illustrate your customer business impacts and inspire your prospects.

Your case study can take the form of a video, an interview, an infographic, a web page, a white paper or even a comic! There are no rules to follow apart from the following: it must allow you to learn more about your services in a captivating way.

The case study is an excellent way to give weight to your marketing discourse. Because it builds on actual numbers and the experience of your clients, it credibly demonstrates your expertise.

Avoid jargons and superlative marketing words such as the best, top and industry’s best, unless you are proving it to be the industry’s best. Similarly, any company can make bold claims about its products or services. Consumers have become insensitive to superlative copying and exaggerated videos.

Avoid self-promotion; instead, go with…
numbers and graphs
Go with relevant graphics
Use business impacts
Provide original and live photos
Give references.
and finally make it two to three pages and by avoiding large paragraphs.

Which company would you trust the most?

You can use this customer’s logic to inform business decisions. Thinking like a customer can help you get new insights into marketing. Creating a marketing case study gives you an advantage that your competitors could have. It can also help your leads make more informed decisions. Too many companies copy their competitors or other business activities. Instead, you should spend time being more creative and innovative.

If you are bold enough to be different, you can convert more leads. A marketing case study offers you this opportunity because no one else can duplicate it.

If you can prove that your product or service offers powerful results, you will gain the trust of your audience, followed by leads.

Real b2b case studies show how the customer faced a problem and passed it on behalf of your client or customer. It’s that simple. The more details you give, the more authority you create for your company and the more your trust is built, then qualified leads will reach your inbox, instead of your team push them hard to get an edge. More the case studies used for b2b content marketing, easier to reduce your sales cycle and more qualified leads.

Asha Tarvadi

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