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The main challenge of any business, especially if you are a start-up or mid-sized organisation, is to generate a sufficient volume of new qualified leads for sales. Identifying the right contact at the right time is most stringent and getting hold of decision-makers to deliver the right message is another challenge. As a lead generation expert for the last 24 years, offer you a unique and innovative formula for b2b lead generation and b2c lead generation.

Questions And Answer You Can Discuss With Lead Generation Expert?

Most important question!

Does your sales persons know the purchasing behavior of your buyer? The complexity of the process at the buyer’s end? Buying itself is saying it is complex process. What is that complex process?

b2b buying process is complex

Are your salespeople wasting time on the road? Are they identifying the essential qualification of leads before they travel? They do not meet the minimum expected number of new prospects for your sales turnover?? Are they facing last-minute cancellation of appointments? What is your cost per lead? Are your online leads really working or just traffic by mistake! Do you feel that your sales travel without confirmation and the associated costs are not profitable? Is mobility also increasingly complicated for you and your salespeople?

Are you doing virtual meetings instead of travel? Currently, who is providing virtual meeting or online meetings for your sales folks to speak with decision-makers. Do you know that these virtual meetings and online meetings with decision-makers can be outsourced to lead generation experts? Lead generations experts can get you qualified leads and fix meetings we as per your date and time.

Alternately, do you want face to face meetings with agreed-upon qualification metrics and your sales folks to travel down to meet the decision makers?

B2B marketplaces allow you to generate qualified leads from professional targets already engaged in a purchasing process. But do you know what to do with these leads once generated? Do you have the right method to transform them into business opportunities and then into customers? To find out, take the quiz!

Improve Your Lead Management To Boost Your Sales

Qualified Lead management or sales-ready lead management includes different procedures aimed at supplying your sales teams with the right contacts. This is an essential step in the marketing-sales alignment process because it is that will allow you to transform your database to contacts points to leads to prospects and then new customers. That is the lead generation experts key expertise. 

Lead Qualification

There are many processes to qualify a lead, and leave that process to the lead generation experts. Some will follow- BANT – Budget- Authority- Need – Time, Some may follow- GPCT – Goals – Plans – Challenges – Timeline

There are many sales qualifications questions that we can create.

One example from HubSpot is provided here: sales qualification questionnaire

This qualification questions are based on different criteria: the genuinely, situation and reality of the need, degree of interest in your products and services, decision-making power, allocated budget. 

After Generation Leads, How Will You Convert? Lead Conversion

The B2B marketplace allows you to be visible to professional targets who already have a well-defined purchase plan. You generate more qualified leads but once these leads are generated, what do you do with it. Do you have a lead funnel? Have you used b2c or b2b lead funnel? Do you have the right methodology to convert the leads or do you need to update your marketing-sales process for lead conversion to sales? 

Between the prospecting phase, where you may have submitted the proposal, and the sales action is a crucial stage, that of management leads. This brings together a whole set of procedures aimed at supplying the sales force with qualified leads. Before being transferred to salespeople, the leads generated must first be qualified and prioritized. This might seem very simple. However, it is common to see teams generate a large volume of leads but very little sales closings.

How To Optimize Your Lead Generation Methodologies And Boost Your Sales

sales funnel
Sample Lead Generation Funnel

How do you optimize your cost per lead? Any lead generation campaign requires monitoring, and how is your lead analytics developed? Do you have all the required lead analytics tools? Do you know how to identify a hot prospect? Your sales teams are they properly aligned? How to improve your conversion rates?

Strategy From Lead generation Expert

Not sure if you have the right strategy? Have you done a strategic assessment for your goals? Have you done go to market planning with the right approach? Have you executed the strategy or just following some methodologies? Are you aligning your lead generation plans with your company goals? Is your cost per lead with in your budget? or cost per lead as per your sales plan? Is your lead your conversion rates from customer leads are matching with your sales goals? All these answers to the strategy you derive before preparing lead generation plans. Connect with us to know how and what lead generation experts can bring to your table.