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b2b marketing collateral for b2b buying cycle I case studies I whitepaper

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The b2b buying cycle of a product or service ranges from a few months to several years. Our prospects are two types: Informed buyers and uninformed buyers. While doing b2b brand building, buying cycle differs from these points. No matter how long the sequence is, there are several phases when you need to turn a prospect into a customer. This period, each stage is supported by a set of documents. Knowing what kind of b2b marketing collateral/marketing digital assets/marketing, you can use to convince potential prospects to buy your products or services. At every stage of the buying cycle, the key drivers are quality and consistent b2b marketing collaterals


case studies, whitepaper, value proposition presentations

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cut down your b2b buying cycle with sharp and precise communication

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b2b marketing collateral for awareness or attention

b2b marketing collateral for interest creation, awareness and action

These b2b content menu can be brochures for corporate, product brochures, product case studies, project case studies, customer case studies and white paper that help educate prospects. Poot more content, how your different. Your values for their needs. How you solve their problems or help them to attain their aspirations?. Keep distributing online and offline ( sales meetings), so that you can move to the next cycle. The content can be planned and designed as per the stage of the buying cycle.

b2b marketing collateral for interest creation

b2b whitepaper for curiosity building

Once you get the attention of a prospect, you must maintain the relationship and create interest or curiosity. This means consistent marketing through messages that contain relevant content. Send e-mail marketing or mailing regularly, such as postcards and flyers, to increase interest, explain benefits, and talk about features. Write articles for your website, relevant blogs and printed publications to keep in mind. Besides, you can use social media posts to familiarize yourself with prospects

b2b marketing collateral for decision making

b2b marketing collateral for buying decisions and buying actions

In this part of the cycle, potential customers consider your product or service as a viable buy. Send a competitive comparison or industry position of your product. Add reviews and video testimonials. Use your website and marketing activities to show potential buyers how your business differs from competitors. Add testimonials to your website and advertising. Include credentials in the mailings you send, especially to prospects who received your marketing news in the previous cycle. Use catalogue with pricing information, more transparent value proposition presentation, send Return on Investment sheets.

b2b marketing collateral for retaining

First of all, solidify relationships with rapid response times and adhere to service-level agreements as agreed. Encourage them to post reviews if you think the buying process went smoothly. Invite them to review the projects. Invite your key customers to be part of your success celebrations. Make project success as celebrations in industry meetings. Send regular newsletters. Have referral programs. Invite them for product enhancement meetings. Join value proposition for future potential projects. For all these, you create convincing b2b marketing collateral. This decision and communication will help them to understand and get along with you for long-term relationships with their clients, where your customer will work as your partner!

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