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b2b Marketing consultant: Assurance of success


I happened to meet a manufacturer ( SME type) recently, and he was asking me how to build brand recall for his products. When I accompanied him to his manufacturing plant, I asked asked a question, how are different from other manufacturers in this same. b2b Marketing consultant need probing questions. He said, there is no difference, other than pricing. Then he asked me a question. Can you help me to master the basic principles of marketing or more, to build all my marketing strategy? I need to create a brand recall for my distributors, retailers ad resellers.

Marketing is at the heart of the development of any business. The more early you recognise that the more success and more market share, whatever its size of the company.

So for a manufacturer, knowing this differentiation, standing out and conveying this difference to the audience has become a must in the current competitive market place, given the fast-growing competition in all sectors.

In particular, b2b marketing consultants will help manufacturers to get to know your online marketing and the expectations of your customers. They can explore your business ecosystem and can place the right process to get qualified online sales.

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Does this mean that you need a b2b marketing consultant to become a professional in your field?

I do not think so. It all depends on what you need However, a marketing consultant that knows your domain is undoubtedly an advantage. Well, as the name suggests, the consultant specialises in marketing consulting. His intervention will be more or less global or limited, depending on your needs and situation. It will analyse your current strengths and weaknesses and offer you various recommendations, for example, around your marketing mix.

But it can focus on a more specific aspect of your business, for example, your competition and using a tool like Porter’s 5 forces.

In the end, its goal is to make your organisation autonomous and allow you to acquire the tools. On the one hand and the reflection mode, on the other hand, so that you can build your strategy sustainably.

Is it the same as marketing training? In principle, not at all. By following a training course, you will acquire keys that you will need to take ownership of, and then implement them yourself in your structure.

The marketing consultant works directly with you in your company and helps you directly integrate his advice. His intervention will be much more concrete, personalised and operationalizable than training, as good as it is.

Why choose a b2b marketing consultant?

To be supported by a consultant, is it a guarantee of success? Certainly, no. For his intervention to be effective, you must understand each other well and delineate his mission correctly.

Very often, entrepreneurs are disappointed with their expert because they did not mark his work plan well enough. So, I invite you to ask yourself at the beginning: is it exactly in which part (s) of my activity and for which purpose I need to be helped?

To give you an example, in our team, we do not accept any mission that is not precise from the start. We ask our customers to complete a questionnaire, and we always organise a free diagnostic session before any work. This avoids misunderstandings. I encourage you to think carefully beforehand if you plan to work with a marketing consultant.

To deepen this subject, you can read market research: a handy tool for all entrepreneurs marketing positioning: the frame of your activity.