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Why are brochures sent to the dustbin?

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You spend a lot of time discussing and developing marketing collateral such as brochures or flyers. Then a good amount of hard-earned money is finished with the designer and printers. You send it to customers or hand it over when you meet them. The next day your brochure is deleted from their inbox, or a hardcopy is sent to the dustbin. The CEO will ask the office boy to remove the leaflet from his desk. Where will with office boy keeps your brochure!! Our attention span is reduced to 4 seconds due to the continuous usage of the internet. Even Best Brochures Designing Company fails to solve this challenge. This article is part of the series of articles related to our goal to be known as Best Brochures Designing Company. Let’s look at the survey!

The survey: Brochure receiving

We did a survey, and 85 SME business owners responded in a month. These are the results.


The number one challenge is space: Space challenges, whether office cupboards or digital space, space management stands number one. There is no place to keep vendors’ brochures! 

Going Digital

Second is, going digital: Moreover, dust creation, if it is a hard copy, and most importantly, CEOs want a paperless office! It will go to the dustbin the next day! 

File size matters: 

The moment they see a high-sized file, there will be instant deletion. Do not send brochures as high-sized pdf; they may get deleted in a week.

Not relevant: 

Another feedback is that 80% of the brochures don’t carry value addition to the decision-maker. 

They will find:

Whether digital or paper brochure, most interesting reason from decision-makers is that they will find you when needed:

So why brochure? Is needed or not?

Best Brochures Designing Company

It is needed. A brochure is an effective offline communication tool to express corporate values and services. The corporate brochure is a prestigious business card in detail, particularly suitable for capturing the attention of your target. It is the most accessible tool to tell the best story to potential customers. 

The product or services brochure is your communication tool to present your product, its values, specifics, and how your services can positively impact your audience’s businesses.

Why is it needed?

The hard copy sales brochure, corporate or product brochure is the one that accompanies you during your professional sales meetings. It allows you to support your arguments and give a visual overview of your products or services. The current trend is to have digital brochures instead of paper print. 

So Go digital! It is an asset. 

A DIgital brochure is a digital asset. A WOW digital brochure is a clear and precise way to stand out from the competition. 

To simplify, I followed a few steps and my clients appreciated my work!

Find the Purpose and to whom? A brochure is not for you!

Establish an ideal customer profile of your end customer, who decides purchases. This data will include relevant Psychographics data points:

  • His age range; 
  • financial status; 
  • work status ;
  • motivation and passions;
  • Challenges, fears, worries;
  • family situation.

Prepare laser-focused value points:

These are the data to be collected to understand how your target thinks, what communication they are sensitive to, and what their problem is.

Bring Clarity:

The brochure is made clearly and concisely since it has to summarize large amounts of information.


The brochures include images that can be appealing, infographics, illustrative, or emotional since they can only be representative or illustrative, guiding the understanding of the reflected information.

Tone & Language:

The language is clear, simple, and can become technical, as it can be technical and specialized.


The size is usually small, ranging from letter sizes (magazines), such as half letter or even smaller. The font size is changed often if it is digital. Based on persona, we can modify the font size. Typical CXOs may need a slightly larger font than usual since most are above 40!


The uses are varied: publicity, explanatory, awareness, instructions, decision-making with a competitive landscape, brand story, and many more.


Thee are many pre-built design templates available online to create a brochure. Identify your goals and purpose based on the target goals and persona, and choose an ideal design. 

Use relevant Keywords:

This is most important: The survey says we search for it at the time of need. So use relevant keywords to tag your brochure. Like me using ‘Best Brochures Designing Company’, though that is my wish 🙂

Closing note: 

For an effective brochure, it is essential to know who it addresses. Based on the “who,” also used as persona,” allows you to choose a tone and suitable visual elements. A clear understanding of Buyer Persona is the foundation of all communication strategies. Then go for other details such as tone, quality, images, language, font & design. Addkraft wants to be one of the ‘Best Brochures Designing Company’, and we will continue to research this topic and release thought articles on this subject: “Brochure” Connect with me today! Raj Mohan