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How to do apply best content marketing techniques – 7 steps

In today’s click-here-swipe-there world, content marketing has become unimaginably important in establishing your brand identity. By now we all know what content marketing is all about. We are quite familiar with the terms “connecting with the right audience,” “building trust,” “value proposition,” “marketing funnel, and many more such common phrases. But what most of us are still searching for is the answer to the basic question, “How to do best content marketing techniques ?” That question does sound silly, but the answer has been evading many of us for long.

Best Content Marketing Lessons From Kindergarten Teachers

A discussion around how to do a best content marketing campaign, brought an interesting analogy.  ‘Why don’t we approach content marketing like a kindergarten teacher interacts with pre-school-aged children’. There’s indeed a lot of similarities between the approach kindergarten teachers would take and a content marketing expert would strategize, even though their audiences appear to be a world apart! Let’s take some lessons from our very own kindergarten teacher, shall we?


Empathy is the hallmark emotion of kindergarten teachers – to understand and share their students’ feelings. Understanding their problems and inhibitions and focusing their solutions on providing solutions to these problems – one at a time. This is exactly what a content marketer should prioritize while interacting with the audience.


Kindling the desire in children to discover intriguing details is another lovable character of kindergarten teachers.

Well, the goal of content marketing is the same too – building a desire to know more about the brand you represent is definitely your main goal. This goal requires presenting eye-catching content that grabs their attention and sparks interesting conversations.


Children cannot afford to digest too many details at the same time; hence the teachers turn their attention to one learning at a time. Teachers reinforce the information, and ensure that the concept has registered before moving on. All these activities happen in a fun-filled environment, without any forced learning. This is definitely the ideal approach of a content marketer. A precious information delivered one at a time, effectively and interestingly.


Teachers have to be genuine in their interactions with the children, else the children are quick to sense hypocrisy and stop trusting their teachers. Similarly, your audience is quick to realize your doublespeak and the moment they shun you, there’s hardly any scope for getting back into their trust zone. So think twice before making any claims or a digital ads marketing or engaging in direct advertising.


Teachers ensure that every interaction with their students has an actionable outcome.  It can be moral lesson, a skill set derived, or a new information imparted. Without the critical call to actions given to the tiny tots at the end of every story or activity, its purpose is lost. Similarly, a best content marketing effort that reaches the audience must have a call to action. They must know what they can/should do after they check out your content. Without this guideline, the entire content marketing effort would go waste.


Children look up to their teachers as treasures of knowledge.  So it’s quite a responsibility for the teachers to live up to this expectation. Similarly, the content marketer is expected to be up-to-date about every detail of the subject they are writing about. If you were to mislead the audience or display your ignorance to them, you’re going into a point of no return.


One of the most important skill sets of kindergarten teachers is to be creative. They need to have the ability to create an engaging learning environment.  The the children love to revisit every morning during their weekday.  Similarly, content marketers must have a variety of interesting content formats up their sleeve to keep their audience glued on to their brand.

Conclusion – Get Back To Your Basics For best content marketing

Surprising, isn’t it? Most of the content marketing lessons actually come from our kindergarten teachers. The approach has many similarities. It is right from understanding the persona of every person you are targeting to establishing a relationship of trust with your audience. So get back to the basics and then work up your best content marketing ladder. For those who are wondering how you’ll ever be able to find the time, no worries! Just get in touch with us at and we will be able to help you out.

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