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One of the Best Digital Marketing Strategy – SMART KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION

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Keyword optimization has become an essential part of our SEO, content writing efforts and one of the best digital marketing strategy today. Yet, the purpose and application of keywords through meaningful content is still foreign to many of us. A couple of weeks back I was looking for some ideas on kitchen storage options. I chanced upon an article with some interesting images highlighting smart storage ideas. I was excited to read further about what the article had to say. Shockingly, the content was all gibberish.

It was a sad collection of about 200 keywords That’s quite a miserable application of keywords in articles to improve their SEO ranking. But what’s all this ado about keyword research and optimization? Here is the Best Digital Marketing Strategy, Let’s take a look, shall we?

Why Do We Need Keywords for a best digital marketing strategy?

One of the main reasons why we create so much content about our expertise, business, product, or service is because we all need to be visible to our target audience. You have a great IT product or service that can solve a critical pain point of your target audience. You have designed a brilliant digital marketing strategy that has the potential to attract your target audience.

Yet despite your blog posts and support content, the digital marketing efforts for your services or products are not getting the visibility you deserve.  That’s because your content strategy is missing the vital link – the keywords that most of your target audience is using to search for you! When your site or landing page does not come up in their searches, how will they even know who you are?

There’s a lot more to keywords than just finding them and scattering them across your content. What are the key points you need to make note of while selecting and using keywords in your content?

Pointers For Smart Keyword Optimization for your best digital marketing strategy?

Do enough research before finalizing the keywords you will be using for your digital marketing initiative. Analyze the strength of the keywords and identify only those terms that your audience use commonly to search for services or products that you provide. Your site or landing page must be the perfect solution for their searches.

Fine-tune your keywords on a regular basis: Remember that keyword selection will change as you expand your scope or as the market dynamics changes. Hence repeat this activity regularly and generate an up-to-date set of keywords

Assess the popularity of the selected keywords: There are many tools that can help you determine how popular your chosen set of keywords are. The more extensive the analytics, the more accurate your choice of keyword is.

Make sure you go in for a healthy percentage of long-tail keywords because people do not really search just for “interior design.” They might most probably be looking for a specific string of words such as “kitchen interior designers Delhi.”

When preparing your content calendar map critical keywords to specific articles. Never overdose your articles with all the keywords. Use them based on the content topic and intended person

Never sprinkle keywords meaninglessly across your article. This is such a put-off. Incorporate the selected terms seamlessly across your content so the readers do not feel any disconnect.

For your SEO initiatives to be complete, you will also need to work on your site’s or landing page’s discoverability during organic searches. Hence, define focus and sub-keywords for every article and create meta descriptions for the articles using these keywords.

Focus equally on the content of your every discoverable page of your website and landing page.

Optimize images for discoverability too by incorporating keywords in the filenames, for instance.

Incorporate your critical keyword in the title tag of the page, the URL, the headings within the article, and of course, at strategic locations within your article

Many of your blogging platforms guide you with using the right focus keyword and other keywords by letting you know when your article’s SEO requires more work, is just about OK, or is really good. Use these pointers to your advantage.

Smart Keyword Optimization – A Critical Step To Enable Discoverability

Keywords are indeed the keys that will unlock your visibility when your audience searches for someone like you. The stronger your selection of keywords, the earlier they will find you.  A strong search engine presence is the strongest support your digital marketing efforts will have in connecting you with your target audience. For your best digital marketing strategy, get all the expert support you can in defining and regularly tweaking your keywords before you jump into content creation. So, is your keyword optimization approach audience friendly? It’s time for a quick audit!

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