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Brand Building for Manufacturing Company

A brand is a mark or signs consists of a set of elements that will get into our mind space. There is, of course, a name, graphic posters, a symbol, a combination of colours and a slogan, but it does not stop there. Brand building for manufacturing company starts with conveying your story. whether b2b brand or b2c, its carries an emotional element for your buyers. It is a promise related to the experience it wants to offer to your customers. 

A brand is an asset of the company. Its value grows with intervention or without intervention. It can evolve by itself and make it gain value. However, it is tough to create. A brand must be consistent in its speech through each touch point with its employees, partners, customers and the community.

Brand Building for Manufacturing Company

What is Brand?

A brand is different from the product. 

In the world of competition, where everyone competes to sell their product. How will you differentiate? Your product features and your competitors’ products got the same features and benefits. Many manufacturers do no believe in brand building. They assume it is a waste of money or a costly affair. Their sales-staff can manage the Brand! Brand Building for Manufacturers is critical from the basic understanding of the Brand itself. Their sales staff must know that a product is a packed item, while Brand is something which distinguishes a product from other products in the market. 

brand will provide you distinct identity, that cannot be copied.  A product can be copied.

The Brand promotes your difference and your personality.  It conveys your value proposition and promise. 

It’s reflected in the way you treat the people you interact with, whether it’s your customers or your employees. It is the culture and values that you pass on to your employees and customers. The Brand is built day-by-day, every interaction, and it is a continuous process and never stops.

How Does Brand Impact Your Company?

Fundamentally in business, there are two impacts, bottom line and top line. The revenue and profit!. 

The Brand can impact both negatively and positively for manufacturers.

It impacts Sales and Revenue! 

It affects your recruitment, investment, supply chain and many more.

Branding does not stop at the logo or the visual aspect of a brand. It’s the sum of everything you are and all the actions you take to build a solid relationship with your stakeholders. It includes the tone and style of your messaging and communications. There are no boundaries on the format or medium. It can be online and offline communications. From the thinking of the core values at boardroom to shop floor. From banner ads to security picking up the phone on Sundays!

How Critical is Brand Building For Manufacturers?

It is simple to explain. Manufacturers will not be able to achieve sales goals as planned. It affects their revenues, profitability and future expansions. 80% of the start-ups do not survive after two years. However, a few become very popular and even overtakes the current market leaders.

Foremost, your target audience and customers start to recognise your difference. How different are you from others. Why should they buy from you? So your Brand must be meaningful and represent everything you have to offer your buyers. Your branding efforts must be used to demonstrate your market position and to distinguish you from your competitors. Branding creates and strengthens the relationship between your Brand and your customers. Thus, each of your interventions must represent your Brand to perfection. That’s what will create the brand experience, the one that will stick into our customers’ mind. A brand is getting your identity into their mind space!. 

Brand Building Activities Need Patience

B2C or B2B Branding experts will spend a lot of time and energy in building brands. It requires a series of activities within the organization that will generate brand recognition and brand recall. It requires time. It is a series of events. Keeping your business goals in mind, it’s the alignment between brand personality, market positioning and your delivery of products or service ( Brand promise Vs Brand Delivery) to your customers. Its requires going back to your business canvas, business ecosystem, stakeholders, value mapping and many more. For b2b brand consultant and brand building exercises, contact us for a free half-day workshop at your doorstep!