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Call-to-Action Content – Just Do It!

Yes, Nike’s most popular tagline accurately describes the purpose of call-to-action content  in today’s content marketing.

A magic term that draws your audience’s attention, tells them what action they need to take next. It summarizes the purpose of your overall content. In today’s content showstopper is clearly the call-to-action content – terms and the phrases that introduce them.

As simple as the task may sound, choosing the most appropriate call-to-action is quite challenging. It determines whether your content, in whatever format, has succeeded in connecting with your target audience. Your audience’s response to your call-to-action signals the first successful step in your effort to connect with them.

Ideal call-to-action content

So what is the ideal call-to-action content ? Honestly, there is no one right answer and it depends on many variables:
1. How do you want your audience to respond after they read your call-to-action?
2. How relevant would your call-to-action be to the story you are sharing with them?
3. Which words would summarize the purpose of your content and also connect with your audience?
4. What value would they perceive from your call-to-action?
5. How easy would it be for your audience to find and understand your call-to-action?
6. How would it fit in with the rest of your content elements?

There are many studies that provide interesting tips about the color, position, and key words that make a huge difference in your call-to-action responses. Please do review these studies for details. All this boils down to understanding
1. your target audience – their preferences, average age-group and the language they identify with
2. the purpose of your content – direct or indirect marketing of a service or product, providing information, making an announcement or gathering support for a social cause
3. how you want your story to connect with your audience – and how will your call-to-action fit in there
4. How do you want your audience to act after they read your call-to-action – I want to buy now, try a free trial now, or know more

The key word here is “impact” – the call-to-action shouldn’t end up being a whisper or a confusing screech. It should be just right – like the smell of that perfectly brewed coffee, which tempts you to grab your mug and take that first yummy sip. It’s as simple as that!

So sharpen your thinking pencils and create the perfect call-to-action content that brings you closer to your audience than ever before.

written by AG@addkraft

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