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Through laser focused value proposition, Addkraft can generate leads and profits for Technology Products. Addkraft kraft the value, we create new and unique contents, we are specialized in Content marketing, one of the best Technology Content Writing Chennai

addkraft’s purpose is to create such magical stories in the challenging world of business using the right combination of three fundamental tools:


Successful business leaders use different types of content to convey the business values to their customers. At different marketing and sales stages of the buyer’s journey such as awareness, interest generating, desire and action stage, different types of content are used. In a b2b sales scenario, different content types are used for those who are unaware of the problem, those once they understand the problem, when they really start evaluating solution and when they decide to buy the product or your service.We will provide original and genuine content that is close to your intrinsic values of your product or brand.

Marketing services for MSME companies

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Differentiate! !!! Differentiate! If MSMEs do NOT differentiate, then the effort spends on marketing will get NO returns. Difffete you from the competition and this is a critical marketing service for MSME companies. I do not want to write about the same SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Ads promotion. These are just activities. The team… Read More »Marketing services for MSME companies

How to get large b2b deals? b2b marketing and b2b sales deals

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“Differentiate your clientele. Identify the most profitable customer group. Ignore the rest ”- Seth Godin I will explain in the following way!  Imagine you are getting ten leads generated by your marketing team. Research on those ten leads and identify two or three best fit for your product. Focus key account management process. Rest give… Read More »How to get large b2b deals? b2b marketing and b2b sales deals