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Content-based b2b marketing during business recovery.

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Are you selling your products and services to other businesses? How’s your business? Are they buying as usual or 50% less or 90 % due to pandemic and lockdown? Or Has it improved? Are you doing content-based b2b marketing for products and services recovery? The real question that needs to be addressed is that have you stopped marketing? Will your revenue continue without b2b marketing?

I had a few meetings with businesses who are into b2b business owners. I was told that their expenses were stopped for 12 months. Some said, let’s wait and watch. However, b2b marketers will suggest you not to stop your b2b marketing entirely since it will act more in the long term.

How are you going to survive the crisis?

Is it worth to put some funds for marketing?

If so in what areas?

If the answer is YES, that means you want to stay afloat for at least two years. Since liquidity is the challenge and the budgets are limited, what are the b2b content marketing areas you can focus on?

Very Simple. Spend some budgets for your company to retain Visibility-Presence. While business recovery, avoid paid marketing channels. Avoid funds for Ads. Avoid budgets for mass reach campaigns and anything related to big budgets.

What is your product? Is it a physical discrete product or service? How do I sell it? What are the business model changes that I can do for short-term selling and long term?

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, How do I market and sell remotely?

Then the next question is: invest in lead generation campaigns or not? It would be best if you did this in the following cases:

How will you restrict or not engage your business marketing where similar products/services are already there?

As a b2b marketer, I would suggest if you have less budget in mind and looking for long time survival, then direct your attention towards content-focused business marketing.

You do not need external support.
Your team to build content types

There are many areas you choose content-based business marketing.

If you already have a website, then use that effectively.
or else, build a landing page for your product or service, exclusive to explain and sell
Focus on organic and inbound search engine marketing.

Select a few content types. Focus on content planning and creation internally.

Have a calendar to release small, medium, and long article or blogs
The whitepaper is ideal for b2b. One of the best b2b marketing tools is whitepaper. 
In B2B content marketing, the use of white papers is widespread, and 
this can be written in a different form, based on the sales stage.
Create some good cusotmer case studies - Case study writing can be easly done by your staff.
Have a separate column or opinion piece from any of your customer
Get an Interview for you or any senior partner of yours with any online magazine 
from your Industry. YOu can create content; some media will publish for free!
Create a newsletter at least once a month. Cover maximum about your domain and Industry. 
Try to get some self-made podcast 
Provide product review meetings - Short presentations
Webinar - Free platforms are there for conducting a webinar to limited numbers.

All the above can be conducted with your existing staff who can contribute to marketing, sales, and business development. You can pull all persons n the company with customer-facing tasks and All creative who can make content!

Outsourcing your b2b marketing may expensive for you.

addKraft runs outsource b2b lead generation for our clients. However, you may feel outsourcing may be expensive.

You can think about partial outsourcing to a content marketing agency.

addKraft provides the following services post Pandemic:

It’s training or skilling up the internal staff of SMEs and MSMEs.

We can train your staff on blog service. We can teach you how to write blogs at a high level and get leads. We can train your selected team, how to b2b marketing. Addkraft helps small and medium companies build internal capability in content marketing, digital sales, and business development.

So your team can do Blogging, Whitepapers and different types of content, based on your marketing and sales funnel

You can publish good topics in several forms during business recovery. In fact, why should you limit yourself to only product development? Skill up in product marketing as well. Check out how many internal resources are available to get trained in content-based b2b marketing. We can train your existing staff ( those interested) in digital business marketing, digital content marketing, and digital sales. Connect with us to know