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Content Mantra for e-Commerce Companies – content for ecommerce

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Positive Reinforcement: Content Mantra for e-Commerce Companies, in simple terms compelling and persuasive content for eCommerce

“Do well in your exams and we’ll get you your favorite bicycle”

“What a wonderful child you are! You cleaned your room all by yourself!”

“Better share your toy with your sister, else we’ll give away all your toys”

Yes, we’ve spent a good part of our childhood being witnesses to many million examples of positive and negative reinforcements. But wait! Look around and you’ll see subtle and direct examples of this concept all around you, in infinite forms, even today:

End-of-the-year appraisals and performance incentive

Wear a helmet and avoid being pulled up by the traffic police

Shop at your neighborhood supermarket regularly and get discount coupons

In fact, some reinforcements have such powerful impact on our thought process, preferences, and subconscious mind that they even shape our personalities and influence most of our important life decisions. Given the immense significance of positive and negative reinforcements in all aspects of our lives, how can the e-commerce world be far away? Go to any site and you’ll see indirect hints to loud proclamations sending us messages:

Sign in today and get a discount!

Book today to win early bird prizes!

The argument on the more effective form of reinforcement – positive or negative – is a never-ending saga, but e-commerce content definitely seems to be leaning towards positive reinforcement. These sites use content to focus on three main aspects of human nature: the need to have a sense of belonging, the need to pamper one’s self-esteem, and the need to be recognized. We love to be motivated and to be “stroked”. In turn, we often return the favor by making the motivator our favorite person, someone we would want to hang out with and look up to while making decisions. This is the primary advantage of using content for ecommerce with positive reinforcements – your sites will definitely get repeat visitors who will soon turn into dedicated followers.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Most Indian e-commerce sites are already sharpening their thinking pens, now that the festive season is around the corner. The sites are overflowing with positive reinforcement content – mega sales, out of the world discount, unique designs, and festival countdown to the discount date (the site actually has a stop watch ticking away!) – there is a lot of goodies to look forward to!
A footwear site encourages customers to share pictures of their experience wearing their products – out on trekking, at the restaurant, at their office desk, etc. The response is phenomenal since these pictures appear on the home page of the site.
A food retail website encourages us to choose our preferred food “box” – combo sets of fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. The site helps us in planning our weekly food plan and promises the luxury of receiving our planned boxes at our doorstep. It ends with the message that it is “the easiest way to eat brilliantly!”
A site selling coffee calls itself a “for-giving company” and encourages visitors to be part of a unique social cause – every time we enjoy delicious coffee we also contribute to a noble cause.
A site-selling cookie just says “Yummy” – what better encouragement than this! But it does get better…they also make us the offer of a gift box with the words, “It all sounds sweeter when you say it with our freshly baked cookies”

These are all genuine promises of remarkable experiences we will be taken through when we use their services or products. All these subtle to loud-and-clear messages are examples of great content that aim for our heart and are bang on target. Content for eCommerce is about on creating great content with positive reinforcement messages; you will definitely reach your audience much faster and with a much clearer message than with any other form of content.

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