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Content marketing – the kingmaker of any business

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“Knowledge is power” is one of the most powerful and inspiring quotes that has been instrumental in creating many success stories across centuries. What better source of knowledge than content! Content marketing encompasses the written word, images, and enlightening conversations delivered through diverse media such as books, audios, videos, television, magazines, conferences, conversations, and the Internet.

Today, we are surrounded by content – useful and meaningless – that drown us in an ocean of information from morning to night. Our mind in turn filters out knowledge that it deems unnecessary, retaining information that it thinks is relevant to the individual’s requirements or interests. Hence, today’s primary marketing goal is to create relevant knowledge about a new idea in the target audience’s mind and then slowly introduce the latest concept, service or product to the educated audience.

This concept ensures that the prospective customer makes a conscious decision of every purchase he or she makes, not a blind purchase based on a fleeting decision. Popularly called the AIDA model, this awareness-interest-desire-action model is one of the foundations for using content marketing as the core of marketing approaches.

Let’s now take a peek at how content marketing have resulted in mind-boggling success stories – we will look at many more such examples in later articles, but let’s start with our favorite close-to-home brand – Amul!

Amul had climbed on to the content marketing wagon much before the concept was acknowledged in the Indian market – they chose the concept of real-time content marketing to ensure that the audience’s attention is constantly on their brand. They prioritized the concept of INTEREST in the AIDA model to build its brand identity in the market.

The Amul girl has been a household name for many years now. Her witty, thoughtful take on the latest happenings has always captivated the several thousand audiences. The concept of intertwining current affairs with creative content marketing has grabbed the attention of millions of consumers across the years. This dynamic model has ensured that the brand’s name is imprinted in the consumer’s mind for a long period of time in a consistent manner.

In addition to creating an interest with the witty, one-liner advertisements, the company has also created awareness about the following unique features of Amul:

  1. The “Amul model” way of operations
  2. The social “white” revolution created by Amul
  3. The various products
  4. The wide range of healthy options that Amul products provide
  5. How the brand values match up with the traditions followed across the country

Thus Amul’s content marketing strategy has ensured that their target audience is aware of the incredible revolution created by this unique brand and retains the audience’s interest by providing fresh and current contextual content – a sure-fire approach to generate desire among the audience to procure the brand’s products.

Next time, we’ll meet with another inspiring success story in the field of content marketing!

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