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Content marketing services for SMEs

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Return on Investment for a marketing campaign is extremely critical for any business to succeed. Especially if you are small scale (Small and Medium enterprises) business, your marketing budget needs to be prudent.  You need to have the right mix of  marketing techniques to reach your target audience. But, how will you convince? What are different ways that you will convey? What medium will you be using? what type of content? and the question goes on. Content marketing services from a content marketing agency plays a predominant role here to saner the above questions.

The marketing goals and objectives of SME companies differ from each other. Last two years, you sales growth was around 15%. This year you want grow by 20%, How can you reach that number? What support does your sales team requires? Will you be looking for a content marketing services company to support your sales team?

Differently, if you are start-up, you need marketing start-up

Content for your Start-up:

Your start-up may require a set of marketing and sales collateral, also known as digital assets.

Sample are given below

1 Landing Page or a Website
2. 4 Page corporate Brochure or 2 Page Flyer
3. Videos that are 45 seconds or 1 minute
5. Business Card Design, Corporate pamphlets
6. Creation of social media Channels
7. Company letter pad, Commercial templates
8. Company profile or a corporate presentation

Content for your Product Launch

Sample are given below

1.Product Launch teasers
2.Product launch banners, back drops
3.Product videos, demos, walk-through

Content marketing Services for marketing campaign

Sample are given below

Content Strategy
Preparing Content marketing plan
Content Calendar
Daily digital marketing Content for Social Media
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Content Development for blogs
Content Evaluation across the channels

Why outsourcing content marketing services?

1.Competence: Outsourcing non-core activity helps in focusing your core business competencies.
2.Time: Save time by playing on your strengths, rather than spending time on creating content deliverables.
3.Thinking: Focus on product or service positioning strategies, business road map and not on content creation.
4.Cost: You will save money due to huge cost advantages. Outsourcing reduces the overheads such as cost of retaining the creative talents, works pace, software and licenses.

Successful Marketing Campaign: whether you outsource or not, overall marketing campaign must be cost effective. ROI has be measured pre and post campaign. Clear cut go to market strategy must be there. To make the campaign successful, realistic goals has to be set in advance. Strategy  must cover your core areas that internally team can perform and outsource the non core areas. Focus on outcome based content marketing services.

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