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Content planning and writing for website, brochures, whitepaper and case studies

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Are you starting your online business? Or Do you want to market your business digitally? Please note, 96% of the audience first impressions relates your business!

Then focus on the user experience, content strategy, content planning, and quality content to communicate with your audience. Define the objectives of your content marketing strategy, that connects with your business goals. addKraft provides content planning and content delivery as per your customer experience, irrespective of the digital channels. Content planning and writing for website, brochures, whitepaper and case studies requires professional work experience, connected to the domain, process and most important, the buyer behavior of the targeted audience.

Before asking your team to start writing content or creating content, determine your specific goals and ask yourself how content marketing fits into your overall digital strategy. This is not being, followed by many companies. They start with the content itself! It will be just another activity for filling the space. 

Depending on your goals and priorities, your content can be planned and focused for:

     Develop your organic traffic to support your lead generation

Develop leads to doing online conversions

     Improve your SEO ranking or your conversion rate,

     Fuel your lead nurturing campaigns,

     Direct your readers towards your products and services,

     Position yourself as an expert or authority in your sector

Choosing the types of content according to your objectives allows you to exploit the full potential of content marketing!

Content planning and writing for website, brochures, whitepaper and case studies requires some best practices;

# 1 – For a successful and effective B2B content marketing strategy, set yourself a clear goal!

While this is a B2B content marketing strategy, that doesn’t mean you have to rush into writing the texts right away. Before you start anything, the least you could do is prepare; therefore take time for reflection. But what should you qualify for, and how do you go about it? These are the questions. Set specific goals for your content campaigns. Depending on your situation, you have the choice between increasing your brand awareness, generating more income, or deepening the consumer experience. It is applicable when you can create a table of performance indicators and review the progress.

Plan different content types that connect with your audience. 

In B2B content marketing, writing texts alone is not enough. The information in these content must be compelling, relevant, and therefore exciting and of high added value. Their primary purpose will be to resolve various issues, including those related to the operation and growth of the business concerned. To do this, ensure that the content responds to the problems of your target prospects. Understand buyer behaviour and track the main stages of the buyer’s journey. Provide a clear and precise response to each step of the customer journey that you will generate more qualified leads. Finally, this is an opportunity for your company to demonstrate your expertise.

Provide proof of your expertise to readers

Do you want to stand out from your competitors? If so, know how to value your expertise. So use the best B2B content marketing strategies, for example, by expanding your field of intervention. So don’t limit yourself to writing news, sending a newsletter, or writing blog articles. Different content related to value proposing formats, and messaging build an authority in your domain. Hence the importance of white papers, case studies, comparative studies and expert analysts. This will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have a perfect grasp of the environment in which your potential customers evolve. 

Choose different suitable formats

Your target does not react in the same way depending on the content offered. It is therefore important to work with your buyer persona to define what types of formats to use. Is your target more receptive to blog articles, infographics, videos? Does your target consult content preferably on a computer, tablet or smartphone? In addition to these questions, we must not forget the importance of making content accessible on all platforms.

Planning is what you need, not kick start the writing.

Getting organized and planning well means making sure you deliver content at the right times according to a well-defined schedule. Do you have an event coming up, for example, a meet-up or a conference, a promotional offer, the anniversary of the creation of your company? Indicate all these elements in your editorial calendar to prepare content promoting these on your blog. Finally, consider supporting your content on your social networks.

Finally, be sure of one thing: Review the performance of your content planning and content delivered. Performance and efficiency will be there if the plan is well prepared and it is well delivered! 

Content marketing is a compelling process to put at the service of your business. Content planning and writing is an expert process, and it requires special attention to align with your business goals. By applying best practices, your B2B content strategy will be built on solid foundations. From the development to the implementation and performance analysis of your content marketing strategy, AddKraft can support you in achieving your goals. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your project.