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Going digital? Content planning and writing experts

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COVID 19 is forcing many brick and mortar organisations to adopt E-commerce. The fact is that economy is going for recession. Companies will go for a liquidity crunch. There will be a cash trap. Companies who have deep pockets with cash full will survive. How about others? They may have to cut down their operations. They have to go digital. How to go digital that matters now. How will it be successful? Going digital process can be done quickly; it is an asset and an activity that everyone should do. Whatever your profile, you can get started if you want. Start your eCommerce plan, have strong content planning and writing experts. However, success depends on its planning and implementation. It is the ability of the team ability, commitment, determination and more importantly, your preparation for its implementation.

Developing eCommerce

Developing eCommerce has become a cake-walk, coz, thousands are sites being developed every day. Any 2 yr experience developer will know how to improve it. The programmer can set up an e-commerce site or shell in 2 days. But what matters is its purpose, its vision, its content and its effectiveness.

Addkraft as e-commerce business consultants can support you in building e-Commerce framework, web content strategy  and accompany you at each step to allow you to better focus on the essentials.

It would be best if you got your business go on. It would help if you got your online traffic and conversions to run ahead. Conversions are the cornerstone of a successful eCommerce website. Quickly convert your customer acquisition process or supply chain process into e-commerce. You don’t need big ERPs and CRMs. You need a website with a good process enabled. Otherwise, you are just another digital store owner looking for a hobby rather than a business. Get a website done to have a robust content marketing process in place.

Focus on Content planning and writing for eCommerce process.

Cue, e-commerce content marketing strategy.

Digital stores that publish attractive content have an average conversion rate of 3%. While websites that don’t, only make a shabby less othan 1% in comparison.

You’ve heard it before – content is king. There is a reason why content marketers are screaming from the rooftops. So start acting on Content planning and writing !

You can build relationships with potential customers to build trust and develop a sense of brand loyalty. When done correctly, it is powerful.
Let’s roll the ball on Content planning and writing.

To launch your content marketing campaign for eCommerce content on content, you need to note some tips (if you want to see the results).

Focus on content:

Avoid distraction with SEO, Web Design…… Have seperate time and plan for content

Too often, entrepreneurs fall into the trap of becoming a jack-of-all-trades.
Any web developer can not give you compelling content.
Any language writer can’t give you inspiring content.
Any SEO company cannot give you sale driven content.
It would help if you chose the right team with a strong focus on content marketing, with assured impacts. A well-thought content is aligned to your business goals, strategy and sales goals. The content markets must be passionate and skilful in understanding your business. It is impossible to master all these by everyone since they have their expertise. So select experts from the filed, or else, your site will be another site with no business, among the millions of websites.

To start, choose a method you are comfortable with and stick to it. This is the only way to avoid distraction. Staying focused is imperative if you want to see conversions and sales goals.

Tip: try to ask yourself; How can I consider communicating the benefits of my product? How to write value propositions? What type of content benefits my market? How to prepare ROI for your products and services?

As many as 90% of successful B2B marketers use content marketing method. It’s a fantastic way to deliver value to customers – so get on the bandwagon, start Content planning and writing!

Next step is to amplify your content.

Your content must not be just filling the space. Amplifying is where you get into the marketing aspect of content marketing. Content creation in itself is not enough – you have to promote your content actively.

How are you going to amplify your message? Some options:

Reward sharing your content through a referral program.

Work with influencers who attract your buyers.

Prepare content to partner with brands you sell or other retailers or associations.

Evaluate if SEO eCommerce makes sense for you.

Target people who interact with your content using paid ads.

Metrics: Measuring your content marketing plan and activity is a must. There must be a clear goal that you have started and check how far you have reached the objectives, content planning and writing and the content marketing process, and it’s not easy. But check out with content experts who don’t fudge! Non Experts may do!