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Business owners should write their own content, Surprised? So was I! A haggard business owner promptly responded with these tired words when I introduced myself as a content writer for b2b websites during a recent IT product conclave. I inquired further, intrigued. He explained that he had worked with a few content writers for website  the past and found that despite their language expertise, they were not able to get what he was looking for – especially the technical details and the values required for technology marketing. Hence his solution was to write content all by himself. Needless to say, I was shocked. But it also opened up many other questions.

1. Is it a scalable option for business owners to create their own content?
2. Why would business owners consider this option?
3. What are the risks involved when business owners decide to take content in their own hands?
4. So, what’s the solution?

Here are some researched answers that could be of help.

As a business owner, you have to be at many places at the same time, multitask, and focus on a million activities from hiring to technology to finance. Your skill sets would be best used to set up the technology-enabled business at the entrepreneurial stage and to scale up when you meet success. In addition, donning the hat of a content writer for website  is definitely not a practical approach or a long-term solution.
But business owners who are pushed to consider this option do quote unsuccessful content experiences. The reasons could vary from rushed decisions while choosing a content writer for website, incomplete briefing, sketchy content plans, and zero content goals to an inconsistent content approach and poor means of measuring content effectiveness.

The risks involved are plenty.

a. Any new venture starts at the peak – your energy levels; enthusiasm and inspiring ideas are at their best. But when there are a million other details to take care of, your content focus looses steam and your content engagement suffers.
b. As a business owner, you are the authority on the subject. But with this expertise comes the dilemma of what to convey to your audience and how many experts get caught with detailed technical explanations that their audience cannot and need not relate to. Complicated content will not connect with your audience.
c. Content writers modulate content presentation – from textual paragraphs to visual imagery and videos. This content expertise has to be taken advantage of.
d. Content writing for ecommerce or content writing for web includes the ability to fine-tune – edit and proofread content for language, spelling, and grammar. While many examples exist where business owners write great content, this activity is best trusted with a skilled content writer, else you  for website will have a poor patchwork of hazily collated content.
The following article takes the example of website content writing to explain the drawback of business owners writing their content:
So, what’s the solution? Well, you are the expert on what you have to provide to your audience, who your audience is, and how you would want your audience to respond to your content. The content writer  for website is the expert on how your story can be crafted. A healthy interaction will leverage the expertise of both the content writer for a b2b website and the business owner to create great content.
a. Ensure that you spend a lot of time at the ideation stage, working with your content writer to clarify the purpose of the content approach, what your story is, how it will be told, to whom, and when.
b. Ensure that your content writer submits a content plan and calendar.
c. Assess samples before you get started on the assignment – to ensure that the content tone and approach reflect your style.
d. Assess content engagement at every stage and, yes, be ready to change your plans.
e. Finally, trust your content writer’s expertise to establish connect with your target audience through well-crafted content.
Content writing for customer engagement is a focused activity, requiring unwavering attention and time. A skilled content writer for an ecommerce business or for a digitally enabled sales is a listener, analyst, planner and visionary who can partner with you, craft your values and build trust with your target audience. The purpose of content is to tell your story skillfully to your audience – you have the story, your skilled content writer for b2b website has the skill. All you need is an effective collaboration of the two.

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