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A listener, analyst, planner and visionary – the 4-stroke content writer for b2b websites

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Content writing in the field of eCommerce, b2b and technology marketing has unique challenges – positioning your business among hundreds of other competitors who have expertise similar to you is by far the biggest hurdle. Additionally, content writer for b2b websites have to determine what your business’ true market value is and how your buyers perceive your services or products.

This is where content writer for b2b websites, eCommerce, technology marketing – by using the written word and supporting imagery to create meaningful connections with the segment of your audience that is interested in your service or product. Since such content is created after a careful assessment of the target audience’s characteristics, likes and dislikes and their problems for which your business provides solutions, this approach ensures that you connect with your audience and build their trust in you.

Content writer for b2b websites or technology marketing involves telling your target audience your story – your business, your brand, your values, your vision and your culture. This approach helps you reach out to your audience and subtly transition them from an interested reader to a dedicated follower of your business. Building such a trusting relationship requires content that reflects an in-depth knowledge of your business, and more important, compelling, value-based writing skills.

4 stroke competence – the power of a content writer for b2b websites

addkraft believes in creating clear and convincing content that addresses the challenges of technology marketing. We believe in the mantra that “content is the key communicator for creating meaningful connections”. Our content writers, many of whom have more than 15 years of experience, are first listeners and analysers. They then build their content story line that answers the “what, how, and when” questions that your prospective buyer may have. Then, with your approval of the story line, content plan and schedule, they get to work. Their writing reflects a thorough understanding your audience and the solutions your business offers. We understand that change is an inevitable consequence of any initiative – our content writers with a visionary mind are ready to manage change in content plans. Their goal is to help connect you with your audience; their work reflects this purpose.

Case Study – content writer for b2b websites (SaaS applications)

To share an example of our content stories, one of our customers is a technology product start-up in SaaS stream. They wanted to deliver an engaging user experience for their upcoming digital community education platform. Our challenge was to create intuitive, unique and original content that could help build a dedicated student community and identify with the target audience – mostly teenaged students and also their parents.

Our team content writers for b2b websites studied the requirement and the target group that would be interested in this service. We analysed the reason why students and parents would look out for this requirement and the problems that this service would solve. The first step was to ask as many questions as we possible – about our client, their story, their competition, etc. We then moved on to their target audience – we then build personas from the descriptions and the list of content format they would be interested in.

We had to focus on two groups of personas – the parents and students. We build our story line and focused on starting with the student group and providing supporting content for the parents. We finalized on a combination of informative, interesting, inspirational content, followed by direct marketing content highlighting the service and descriptive content explaining the service features. Articles and informative descriptions were supported by image-based features and videos to ensure a variety in presentation. The content reach was satisfactory and the target audience found the content engagement interesting – the first step of building a connection was successful.

Our team of content writers for b2b websites focused on converting feedback from the audience to revise their approach where required and ensured that our client’s business was well represented and the start-up initiative achieved the goal of using content effectively to market their services and reach out to their target audience and present their business.

Cheers! Asha Taravadi

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