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Top brands use original and quality content writing for branding

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Nowadays, traditional advertising options themselves require advertisements to survive competition! With the advent of several alternate modes of using content writing for branding – contextual and strategic content – alternate modes of building brand recognition are gaining importance as preferred options for premium brands. So what does it take to transform a brand from local turf to an internationally sought after brand?

During a short walk through the Mall of Emirates in Dubai, I couldn’t help noticing that most men and women from almost every nation are attracted towards the exclusive showrooms in the mall and that they flock to these outlets to buy their favorite brands of clothing, jewelry and other accessories. These showrooms have an enviable collection of leather handbags, wallets, watches and a gamut of luxurious commodities whose price tags have values much more than the local average salary of the shoppers in the mall. I’ve often wondered why people take a risk and buy expensive brands that are possibly beyond what their monthly income can afford in many instances.

How top brands use content writing for branding:

Is this because of the extra purchasing power of the consumers or the strong influence of the content writing for branding  and brand-building exercises by these global enterprises or the location of the showroom or any other impelling factor that makes these brands the dream purchase of many million customers? Interestingly, unlike India, UAE does not have hoardings and advertisements in every nook and corner.

Traditional advertisements are limited, but brand awareness among the people is way higher than that in many other countries. What does this mean in terms of the relevance of traditional advertising in the current social scenario? How are consumers aware of the value of the brands that they seek? Is it a product’s actual value or perceived value or any other aspect? Let’s consider an example – Gucci, one of the most famous, internationally renowned luxury fashion brands.

Gucci is an Italian fashion and leather goods brand. Made in Italy is an integral part of the essence of Gucci and goes beyond being a mere slogan. Gucci maintained a high-profile consistent visibility for its targeted audience through strategic locations and unique signature designs. On analyzing some of Gucci’s content writing for branding and brand building programs, we can understand how Gucci attempted revolutionizing the concept of a handbag for the high-income consumers with a strong purchasing power – a handbag isn’t just an accessory; it’s an investment. This awareness led to interest among the target audience and eventually generated a burning desire to own a Gucci product. Today, you don’t call a handbag from Gucci a just a handbag – it’s GUCCI! It has become one among Forbes’ top international brands worth about 13 billion USD.

Gucci products have also broken into the online and digital marketing world – they are using content as one of their key platforms to consolidate their success. Their focused content introduces the consumer to the Gucci phenomenon. It entices the prospective customer to appreciate the value of their products, rather than just ‘window shop’.

Gucci’s marketing strategy- Content writing for Branding

Let’s check out Gucci’s marketing strategy to introduce its limited edition fragrance, Gucci Guilty. All their marketing campaigns incorporated a call to action – ‘shop’ or ‘shop now’. Their content writing for branding advertisements, mailers and fact sheets define the male and female wearer of the brand as empowered, liberated, edgy, daring, etc. They also used Gucci’s Facebook page to promote a video that marketed the brand – this was an eye catcher that personified an ideal user of the product – the interest created by the video was phenomenal. In addition, the Gucci team ensured that their target audience was indeed ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ the brand’s fragrance literally in the ‘air around them’ – on social networking sites, as apps in their mobiles, as videos, as advertisements, in fashion magazines, and in websites.

Such intensive marketing initiatives will definitely be eye grabbers and will be instrumental in humungous brand success stories. A detailed assessment of many other promotional approaches from the house of Gucci point to a similar mantra – define the target audience, create a buyer persona, fill the entire universe of the target audience with imagery related to the magic of the new product, and interpolate a strong call to action. It is not surprising that Gucci has one of the world’s leading online communities for its fashion brands – among the top ten online communities on Instagram and Facebook.

Closing note:

Top international brands such as Gucci have an ethereal presence – but the brand-building gurus who work to create this magical imagery have a million lessons to teach us about the value of content writing for branding in creating phenomenal brands.



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