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E-commerce Companies and their websites – How to Write Persuasive and Meaningful Content for ecommerce?

Managing an e-commerce website is an uphill task, but writing persuasive content writing for eCommerce, requires a cohesive bent of mind.

content writing for ecommerce

The e-commerce industry has boomed over the past decade. With the market share expected to increase by US$120 billion by 2020, there is something for every e-commerce start-up and enterprise this year.The year on year sales for an e-commerce entrepreneur is growing at a staggering rate, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

E-commerce is not only about selling your product or service online but reaching out to a million users and customers who can relate well with your product offering. The content is top most competitive weapon for an eCommerce site. While executing content writing for eCommerce, One needs to provides sales experience though the content. That is why you need different flavors such as marketing, persuasive language, engaging, analysis and creative content.

For example- When made a foray in the Indian market, their digital strategy was to only reach out to B2B companies. But with great efforts from the team, they managed to capture the entire market. Today, they stand as a great example for budding e-commerce enthusiasts to learn and take notes.

Jabong, Voonik, Kraftly, PayTM, etc. are among some leading e-commerce companies who have steered the way Indians think and act towards an e-commerce platform.

What sets them apart?

Besides having great products to showcase, these companies have a strong domain knowledge & unique sales process that is visible via their persuasive content.

Product description

Having a full product description helps e-commerce companies to showcase the products being sold online in the right light.

Remember, giving a half-baked cookie is a recipe for disaster. Your product descriptions need to carry every detail about the product being displayed. Customers are always looking for information and every piece of information is vital.


Including keywords in your product description will help to get the right target audience. These key keywords are the ones that will get you the ranking and help you become visible on search engines.

Using ‘red bag’ or ‘glitter bag’ or ‘red glitter bag’ or ‘latest red bags from Choo’ are good keywords if your product is a ‘Red Glitter Bag from Choo’.

Visual Appeal

There is a lot of interest associated with product or services that have a visual offering. You are in a stronger position to retain customers if you have a visually appealing product that is made available online. Videos and images garner a lot of attention as compared to only written content.

Attach relevant product demos, videos, images to entice your customer evenly.

Active Voice

Using active voice makes your content more comprehensible and immediately relates to the customer. It is an instant attention seeker. Use active voice only while writing specifically when content writing for e-commerce. It is more personal and engaging.

While you know your audience is looking for something new every time, keeping your sentences short, addressing it with the right ‘taglines’ and ‘keywords’ are simple ways to write persuasive content for e-commerce businesses. The content writing for eCommerce is very different from the content for static websites, you need to provide customer buying experience & sales, not just reading alone.