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Business life Post-COVID is about Survival and digital. Our ( my!) business has increased, though in the general world facing loss. The reason being, Small and Medium companies have quickly moved to online ordering and interested in content marketing. These new E-commerce sites are increasingly investing in their strategic and as well as SEO content to attract the right traffic. To convince the target audience, it is not about developing web content, you need share your intrinsic value of your business and products. So whether for content writing for eCommerce or appealing content for website, you need content writers and content marketers. This article is about content writing for eCommerce and its significance to your eCommerce business.

For eCommerce content, some start with interns or a copy editor.

Many business owners think that they complete the content writing for eCommerce with the help of language experts or interns or even automated tools. Content writing for e-commerce is not a work by a language expert. Thoughtful and quality eCommerce content will inspire the necessary confidence in your business and the quality of your products. Only content with marketing techniques such as AIDA, AIDA SL, PET can trigger the act of purchase. Casually writing and placing product information and minimalistic web pages will not bring customers. Content writing for eCommerce needs special attention from the writers, in terms of providing an overall experience to the visitors and buyers; if not, it just content to fill the space!

Content writing for eCommerce is not about Language Writing.

In a market as a competitive commoditized market, where the price often makes the difference, it has become strategic to differentiate yourself through qualitative elements. You have to find the right mix of optimized content to appeal to the two targets of your e-commerce site: customers and search engines. Majority of the business owners think that I need a language expert to write content for e-commerce. It is absolutely a wrong thinking. Language expert and copy editors may be competent for writing and publishing a book. Content writing for e-commerce needs a bit of business analyst thinking, content research thinking skills, industry knowledge skills writing skills, language skills and most important a bit of consumer psychology, and marketing techniques.

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Content is the king! With an effective content marketing strategy, you can differentiate yourself from your competition. What is this strategy about? Hear out through this video! You can build a lasting relationship and provide value to your customers. Different types of content, such as short and long-form blog posts can help you to create online brand reputation while improving your SEO. This planned effort of content will increase your traffic to the site and conversions.

How about tools or automated text generator?

For a large volume of content production, a platform for content development, or Automated content writing tools are a good start. There are many tools that generates content for websites. You just need to provide some keywords! You job is completed in 2 mins! However, to bring revenue from targeted marketing, automated tools content will be junk. Even if you alter it for you, the fundamental thought process from a tool will be generic, not personalized. There will be no uniqueness or identity. Using a machine will allow you to order the content of your e-commerce site in just a few clicks, but it won’t be contextual and action-oriented. You need appealing content to sell, not to fill space on your wall.

Subject matter expertise is critical for content writing for eCommerce:

Industry knowledge is critical. Business Knowledge is vital. Whether you are in Laundry service or selling Arespapace spare parts, the writers must have the ability to understand the industry. The b2c or b2b business process of the industry. The customer acquisition, customer retention perspective must be the basis to start the writing process. Having increased knowledge in the world of e-commerce and industry, our content writing specialists can write to you for any b2c or b2b business. It can be Farm products, car spare parts, Aerospace (MRO), enterprise application software, healthcare services, dieting services and many more …

Your content created by a professional content writer has many advantages for your online business. It will, first of all, allow you to seduce and convince your visitors to add your products to their cart but to improve your SEO and to stand out from the competition through unique and personalized content.

Identity or Unique content for an e-commerce site

Whether you are selling your own manufactured products or you are a distributor/retailers, the content must be unique. The product description must be unique. Avoid duplication and plagiarism. Stand out from the competition with the uniqueness, How we that can be done? Yes, the writers must have the marketing background, so that product or service descriptions are 100% unique, ensuring no copycat. Our writers can help you in product positioning throughout the e-commerce pages. 

As an eCommerce business owner, you have undoubtedly heard of content marketing. Without content marketing, you may not be able to run your business, that the way our digital business ecosystem works. Quality Content from content writing experts will convey your intrinsic business values. High rich and intelligent content provides customer experience. The buying cycle will be smooth. To bring the traffic, to initiate sales and build a brand for business sustenance, you need a continuous content marketing activity. 

We at addKraft conducts ‘ no obligation” class about content marketing to our customers. Without knowing how to apply it to your industry, if you are investing, then it is a challenge. Contrary to what one might imagine, web content can be done by the language editor or an intern. Your business requires a relevant content strategy that can support your entire business, even if your business is already known and recognized in its market.

Content marketing applied to e-commerce can not only boost your traffic but also increase your bottom line and boost your brand image. But above all, unique and personalized content will help you stand out from your competition. Discover all the keys to creating impactful and differentiating e-commerce content.

Content writing for eCommerce is multi-skill specialists

We at addkraft can create content tailored to your e-commerce site, to any business areas. The advantage of working with us is that we are just writers. We are writers and marketers! Our approach is different. We work on a broad spectrum of content such as content writing for e-commerce, brochures, flyers, sheets, company web pages, short and long-form blog articles, brand descriptions and company newsletters.

Our e-commerce content writers can also write your social media snippets and blog posts, and help you regularly feed your social media, an essential tool for your content marketing strategy.

Caution: Content for eCommerce are not producing results:

Finally, as a reminder, some questions to ponder!. 

  • Why is more than 80% of the websites in the www not seen by people? 
  • Why they produce results? 
  • Why don’t they come in the search pages?  
  • Why we have to type a company name and search for the company and who will search like that? Only you or your known people. That means you are invisible or NO VISIBILITY 

0.63% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How to Be in the Other 9.37% [New Research for 2020]

So spend your budget for content thoughtfully. Spend your budget for content writing prudently!. If you are are looking for content writers for eCommerce website, connect with us.