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A digital kumbhmela proclaiming the ‘Make in India’ revolution! – content writing for technology

It was indeed a conclave of the most brilliant software product minds in the country. The halls and lobby were bursting with the energy and enthusiasm of the budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. The passion to succeed, to go to any extent to achieve their goals, to scale up from an “entrepreneur” to a “technocrat”, and to be in the next B$B list was palpable in the air. There were a millions of lessons learned and thoughts shared through workshops, presentations, growth hacks, panel discussions, meets, and hackathons. The venue was bustling with thousands of next-generation entrepreneurs and co-founders with eyes sparkling with confidence and minds agile to grab every bit of opportunity that came their way. “Networking” was the buzzword – with a million handshakes spelling hope of collaborative initiatives in the near future. I was there to check for any opportunities in content writing for technology.

The biggest surprise was that many of the entrepreneurs were just in their 20s – just a small percentage were above 40, signifying a vibrant, new generation of entrepreneurs with fire in their belly and a clear focus on their target. Almost every innovative initiative was disruptive in nature, waiting to create a revolution in their field of expertise, from unique models of data analysis to products facilitating moisture level testing in the soil, interfaces to host multiple apps, hotel room reservations and models that would revolutionize bus travels. As an evangelist for developing go-to-market through digital content, I was gathering the knowledge rush – the preparation that I need for content writing for technology or content writing for technology products. It was indeed exciting to see a curtain raiser of what the next decade would look like for our country.

NASCOMM’s summits were thoroughly planned, with each session having a moderator and panelists who were experts in the topic. And what an experience it was! All the speakers were leaders and a source of inspiration in their specific field of expertise. They shared with us their journey from startups to stardom, provided precious tips on how to survive the rocky initial phase, and patiently answered all the queries from the audience. As a specialist for content writing for technology, it was inspiring to listen to successful icons from every aspect of business – from healthtech and hyperlocal to e-commerce, SaaS, finance, and data management. I found it as a digital Kumbhmela proclaiming the arrival of ‘Make in India’. The theme of this year’s NPC was “leap frog moment” – I must say that this year truly witnessed a giant leap frog moment, with thousands of entrepreneurs waiting to create a remarkable splash in the business world – the digital India has certainly arrived with fantastic confidence!

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