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Meaningful and Persuasive Content: Content writing for Software Product Marketing

Software product marketing is unique to every software development organization. This is a follow-up article of  Meaningful and Persuasive Content writing for software products is very much needed.  There is always a differentiated features and benefits  that results ‘wow’ factor that is associated with the products. Sales is an experience. By this time, it is is established that, ‘one cannot sell his/her product anymore”, one can only sell product experience.  Content writers must analyze the product values and start developing meaningful  and persuasive content and provide sales experience.  Content writing for Software Product Marketing is niche area that you need to focus these sales experience factors. However, not many writers  actually showcase their product to their customers in the right way.

You require a perfect mix: There must be mix of domain, technology, marketing and  background for the writers. If not,  their ‘content’ fails to deliver the message that is intended to be delivered.

For Search Engines

Content writing for Software Product Marketing is very much required for SEO of the products webs sites. When a customer types in certain keywords, if your product ranks on the first page of the search engine you definitely have a chance to get noticed. However, even after ranking, your visibility or product footfall is low, is a matter of concern.

Why does this happen?

Poor quality content that fails to give the correct information and detail about your product, fails sales experience .

How do you create a buzz with the right persuasive content?

Content has an incredible power to bring out the best in your product and sales experience. A good product copy can be hard to write if not charted properly.

Audience for sales experience

Identifying and understanding your target audience is a must while writing about your software product. Whether it is the end consumer or a business/company, there has to be a definite audience attached to your product.

When you address your audience, writing in an active tone helps to make your content more personal.  Define your product in every detail to help your customer understand the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ of your product.

Language for sales experience

Using simple language to describe the product will help them to understand and relate to your product better. Using too many technical jargons, when they are not required, will steer your target audience away from your product.

Your subject knowledge should reflect aptly through your product description. There is a thin line between lame content and good content. You need to address the audiences’ need while writing the content.

For example- ‘A fitness tracker application to enhance your health goals and fitness regime’ is better than ‘fitness tracking for your healthy life’. While writing content for software marketing or app marketing, focus should display the message in minimal words with maximum business outcomes .

Product benefits for sales experience

If you fail to highlight the product benefits through your content, you have lost your market. Persuasive content is one that understands an audiences’ needs and helps them relate to this product better than others.

‘Grammar checking tool for your grammatical errors’ will sound less appealing than ‘Grammar tool to help you write better’. The latter highlights the benefit you will have as a user.

In content writing for software product marketing, your software product descriptions or content should highlight the buyers intent rather than your intent of simply having a sale. Write persuasive and meaningful content that not only highlights your domain knowledge but also caters to your audience perfectly

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