The world is shifting online – the web is now the most popular destination for all needs – especially shopping. So it’s not just enough to dress up your store windows, but it’s equally important to have an attractive online store – as a web and mobile application. And what better resource than content to decorate your online store!

Our team creates e-commerce content that will
  • Represent your brand's value and characteristics
  • Provide clear and concise product/service descriptions
  • Highlight the unique selling features of your service/product
  • Create awareness and interest in the prospective buyer with varied content types
  • Build a community of trusted users whose experiences would speak for your brand
  • Drive online traffic to your site
  • Fill up the shopping cart
  • Ensure that a right combination of technical, descriptive, interactive, promotional, and engaging content will retain the buyers' attention, bring repeat visits, and establish loyalty
Content Writing for Ecommerce

Yes, content writing for ecommerce is our business specialization and our exclusive focus area. (It's our bread and butter and not just an "also this" company!) At addkraft, we do not work on website development or design or direct SEO services. We work directly with customers seeking ecommerce content writing services. We work with site/portal developers who look for ecommerce content creation and ecommerce content development, SEO-based content and competitive content for their ecommerce projects. We support our customers in ecommerce content marketing, ecommerce content strategy, content mapping with UI & UX, content creation, nurturing content ideas from our end and further content development, or developing content further from existing ideas.

In a nutshell, our ecommerce content writers will ensure that your ecommerce content and audience engagement through content are smoothly managed with a quick turnaround and cost-effective content strategy for commerce.

What you get from us is content that

Creates Awareness - Arouses Interest - Encourages More Visits - Builds Curiosity - Ensures Purchases - Creates a Sense of Belonging - Brings References

Our e-commerce content would be your shop assistant, your marketing personnel, your designer, your call center and your store manager !

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