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engaging content – a real enabler for your e-commerce revenue stream

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Maintaining engaging content in an e-commerce portal is often a challenging experience for promoters, who are already bogged down by the operational side of portal management. How can a continuous stream of relevant content be managed? If content forms the circulatory system, what mechanism pumps content in and out of the system such that the portal always has fresh content to engage the visitors?

A successful e-commerce business focuses on personalizing engaging content and intelligent content – i.e., sending the right message to the right person in need. Haven’t we gaped in wonder when our social media pages suddenly come alive with content on offers for the very product or service we searched for just hours back? It’s a dream-come-true situation – all you have to do is to click the mouse to make your wish known and the provider will immediately flood you with content on offers! This is the magic of making personalized content available gift wrapped for the relevant prospective buyer.

However, despite such great efforts at providing fresh engaging content continually to the visitor, about 90% of the e-commerce start-ups that pick up tremendously at the initial stages fail must faster than the pace at which they grow.

Why is that so?

a. Despite being able to connect with the customer quickly, many portals might not be able to generate content beyond the first stage of generating interest.
b. The content might gradually mutate into direct, loud marketing that would scare prospects away.
c. At the other end of the spectrum, meagre content about the company, product and features, catalogue and shopping cart sends out a possible message that the company has something to hide or that it is disorganized.
d. The rest of the marketing activities might not be in line with the promises made by the attractive content.
e. The revenue generation model might be weak due to the fact that value communicated and offered to the members was not well thought out.

Need for engaging content

Hence the key is to have a content management system that pumps in an optimal stream of content to ensure that your portal is a happening e-hangout. This stream of value engaging content can entertain, educate, encourage, and indirectly prompt a visitor to come back to your site and eventually buy from you to become a dedicated member of the brand community. Hence in addition to designing and executing a brilliant e-commerce approach, go-to-market plan, integrated communications plan, and event calendar, charting out the content map and defining the content stream for the e-commerce portal will ensure a healthy circulatory system for the portal. Strategic content writing, context-based content writing, and personalized content writing are thus essential to script the success story of your ecommerce strategy.

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So, keep the focus on a steady, relevant engaging content stream and you will do a world of good to your e-commerce portal’s revenue stream.


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