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How To Maximise Returns From Marketing

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Small and Medium organisations are facing challenges in sales and marketing functions due to weak structural issues and not getting enough returns from the marketing process.  The question is how maximise returns from marketing and save marketing budgets? This challenge is much more troublesome when companies tend to integrate new trends and technologies into their traditional structures, process and day to day tasks. Companies have started creating new structures, job profiles, along with the traditional sales process. This article covers marketing challenges for SMEs and how maximise returns from marketing

Aligning Sales And Marketing Challenge

When the new world is looking for a digital way, starting digital marketing functions and teams that deal with the digital marketing process, channels and systems are easy. It won’t take much time to recruit the team and start functioning. Traditionally these companies have a problem in understanding the difference between marketing and sales. The traditional, business leaders of SMEs had a way of naming a sales team as marketing or a marketing team as sales, which was common. However, this is slowly fading away, and clarity is being introduced in the organisation, even if one person takes a dual role, both marketing and sales., but still returns from the marketing process is not visible and not able to save marketing budgets.

Not Getting The Yield

The new order of the digital marketing process is introduced; however, in reality, there is no clarity on integrating this digital marketing process into the existing organizational structure. Many companies do not get the yield or returns from marketing process as expected. As per a 2018 survey conducted by TechTarget by 63% of the respondents, they reported fewer results due to non-alignment of sales and marketing concerning organisational objectives.

Companies are facing numerous challenges, including the setting up of the objectives of each function, when it comes to its organizational structure as well as integrating to other functions.

These changes are to be incorporated and seamlessly integrated into the existing organization, which is why many organisations restructure themselves in the same way. Let’s find out the questions that we can consult and take necessary action to get marketing yield and save marketing budgets.

Companies are faced with issues when it comes to questioning their organisational structure, including:

Marketing gurus say that you should not sell your product and you should provide a marketing experience for the buyer? If so, what are the questions?

What is the right basic structure for our marketing team?
How do we break up existing silo structures & process?
How do we structure marketing, inside sales, sales, and online sales?
How do we create value chain through the customer journey?
How do we bring continuous customer experience during the marketing process?
How do we bring continuous customer experience during the sales process?
What are high yielding customer touch points that create value for the customer?

Marketing needs to provide a wow experience for any customer interaction and strategies and the process must be in place,
The study shows that Best Practice of Customer Interaction has highly interactive engagement through the customer buying cycle. In this situation, what is the impact of the marketing structure? Does each structure and process has required competence to maximise returns from marketing efforts?
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