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Are you struggling to sell SaaS Software? How to sell SaaS software?

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Are you a start-up? Do you have only fewer budgets to spend? You may not have funds for a big bang. Then can you see your dashboard’s sales number kicking?

As a SaaS owner, once failed, now picking up, I would recommend content marketing.

I have been in the leadership team of a SaaS product, and after 18 months of work, we found the business going into the drain. Luckily, It was not about ‘sales or marketing” where I was responsible. There were many strategic reasons. However, we could get early registrations from the first month of product completion. 

Today, I own a SaaS, and the Sales statted kicking, though the numbers are running just below the targets. Well, we are okay with the numbers due to the pandemic impact.

As a technology marketer for the last 25 yrs, I would suggest going for Content Marketing. Well, I am marketing here as well as some advice. 

All marketing consultants and speakers have different ideas and advice. There are 4 Ps of Marketing, 8 Ps of marketing, and 8 S of sales, and many more.

I would advise with 5 Cs to sell SaaS software

C- Clarity – Clarity on your business itself, make it refined with friends and unknown people.

This is an overall approach to your SaaS business. Give your audience clear and crisp information about your company – Maximum Clarity will lead to maximum impact. This is where we failed in my first SaaS. We were pitching for b2b and b2c in the very beginning stage of SaaS. There was high pressure on techie folks to release the application with both b2b and b2c pricing models of the same SaaS. Ensure your friends and unknown people are able to quickly understand your values. Ensure an average person understands your business 🙂

Well, that was about the company as a whole story: )

Now let’s come to the answer to how to sell your SaaS.

Let’s look at the rest of the 4Cs that sell SaaS software

C- Content – Maximum focus on content creation and marketing 

C- Crowd – Build crowd through social media, SEO, and SEM.

C- Contact – Build god contacts with CRM tools and Lead generation

C- Customer – Convert and retain Customer with Pricing and Service.

Let’s look at the Content and Content marketing for SaaS in the article

Content marketing for SaaS products – what is it, and how does it work? 

Well, all starts with strategy and plan. If you don’t plan well, you plan to fail 🙂 It’s an old saying.

Content marketing. You should focus on content strategy and plan. 

Let’s look at what is content strategy?

It starts from the business model and positioning of your business. How the content layers are placed in your SaaS product itself, as per the business positioning? Then you should know what positioning is.

Positioning is nothing but how you differentiate from the market? How are you different from other SaaS products, and which need you are addressing? This positioning can be related to a niche, specialized, and focused market in terms of specific business values, geography, users, language, function, pricing, maturity, environment, and many more. 

Now let’s look at Content Marketing Integrated Saas Strategy

Content Strategy

Content strategy is different from Content marketing.

Well, content marketing can be a sub-set of content strategy. Content strategy for SaaS should be carefully designed.

It is about design thinking!

The Design Thinking Process - How does it work? - MAQE - Insights

It is about “onion peeling”

You peel off layer after layer and then you find there is nothing in it, but it makes you cry! 

Try the reverse for your web and product! – Each web content layer has to be designed and each design-content layer will persuade or tempt the visitor to go further, and then it should reach WOW!

Type of content for SaaS 

Example from addKraft brochure

I have given 101 content types in my brochure, you can choose or ping me why it is required for SaaS.

Make sure a minimal content, then go for think content to explain each value

Content for Website
Content for Corporate / Company Brochure – Short 2 Page
Content for Corporate / Company Brochure – Detailed 4 Page
Content for CEO presentation- Product / Project / Solution
Content for Investor presentation Detailed PPT
Content for Investor presentation summary 2 Page PDF
Product / Service landing page content
Product intro videos in sec (45 Sec to 120 mins)
Product teaser videos in sec (30 Sec to 45 Sec)
Product training videos for end-users


SaaS application portal content
b2b eCommerce marketing content
b2b eCommerce marketing content
SaaS portal agreements
SaaS portal terms – Legal
SaaS portal terms – Non-Legal
SaaS portal pricing content

Go for a content-based reference system to build TRUST at the early stages, where there is ZERO trust

DropBox does it effectively. Referral programs rapidly create brand awareness by encouraging word-of-mouth sharing. Reference System mobilizes your prospects and customers to promote you at little to no cost to you. Use interactive content and social media to boost Referral programs.

Go for Integrated Digital Content Marketing to build AUTHORITY

Hubspot does that effectively. Digital Content marketing system used usually using SaaS-type software. It covers an end to end digital content management system related to its activities in the digital network and social media. 

HubSpot is an example of such software that provides a Digital Content marketing system. Regarding the activity in the network, Digital Content Marketing System focuses on the operation and positioning of the website, which is a single point of contact or builds an AUTHORITY on the topic for your users of a given product or service. 

In social media, the main goal is to build relationships and communicate with the customer and reach audiences that are not achieved by other digital marketing channels. 

Connect with me to know more about how to sell SaaS software, well I can give free advice. I know giving advice is easy. But hear out 🙂  My business is content if you need to sell SaaS software.