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New Dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising : Change focus to Inbound content marketing strategy

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Majority of the online searchers are not clicking the Google Ads. Check out, if  you are just wasting your money. Majority of the clicks are from students and job seekers and the unwanted crowd. Even if you optimize your ads, the results are bleak. The way your customers thinking and purchase has changed. Have you changed the way you sell? With the Internet and Social Networks, the buyer has become more free thoughts and wishes, as much as possible, to be able to do without contact with a sales representative. You must adapt! Main idea to write this article is from the surveys:

Check out the results from ebay

digital Ads spending is not giving returns

Wasting of marketing budgets

Do your salespeople still spend all their time stringing cold calls to find leads? Or Are you paying for Google ads? Are you increasing your budgets for Google ads?

Do you still spend a large part of your marketing budget on trade shows or buying contact databases that you bombard with marketing e-mails?

If so, you inevitably realized that these marketing levers were not responding as well as before.

You likely worked for ten times more in the hope of getting the results that made the good days of your business a few years ago.


Some companies, historically from e-commerce, are naturally very attentive to the behaviour of their customers. They follow them and, depending on the pages visited and the products purchased, can make personalized suggestions to them and thus increase their turnover. The customer was exclusiveness. Exclusivity is high in customers’ expectation. How are you providing personal marketing messages to prospects?

More generally, the personalization of messages has a twofold interest: not only does the customer maintain contact with your brand, but it also encourages customers to come back to your site and do not turn away from your competitors.

Facebooks are not productive. It will eat your hard earned budgets. Some time, we feel that it is kept for a showcase purpose. Many campaigns realy fails, but we marketers will showcase with the number of likes, impressions and waste leads.

Check out this survey.

How Facebook eats your budget

Attention, it is not enough to send an e-mail to your prospects and customers so that they remain engaged with you. The modern buyer expects from you a unique communication adapted to his stage of the purchase process.

Shift your focus from ads spending to content marketing

By creating an effective content marketing that attracts the right people, knows them in the right place at the right time, Inbound Marketing accompanies the modern buyer in his search for information.

Focus on Inbound content Marketing methodology enabled by content marketing strategy

  1. Attract visitors to your site
  2. Turn these visitors into qualified prospects
  3. Convert these leads into customers
  4. Retain customers as ambassadors

Once you get the attention of visitors, invite them to your website with compelling content, you need to convert them to prospects. This process will inevitably involve gathering information. The implementation of a registration form, lead form, Call-to-Action, Landing Page and a CRM will indeed convert your visitors into qualified prospects.

By following the Inbound content Marketing strategy, you will not disrupt the purchasing/decision-making process. You have to provide yall the evidence that your company can deliver the benefits he/she seeks.

By analyzing all the actions your prospect realizes on your site, you will learn a lot about him. What pages did he visit, how many webinars did he attend, how many white papers did he download? You can know how much your prospect knows you. It is now time for the first call, and it will be more comfortable.

Unlike a cold call, this first exchange is part of a logical sequence that is inserted into the purchase path of your prospect. This first contact will help you understand how you can improve your prospect find the product or solution they are looking for.


The implementation of an Inbound content marketing strategy thus makes it possible to attract the modern buyer by picking him as soon as he becomes aware of his problematic and by proposing high added-value content.

Companies keen to take advantage of the changing behaviour of these new buyers have taken the plunge. They know that to reach and attract the modern buyer, you have to offer value-added content. Trade shows footfalls or boosting online ads have become a waste of time. So business owners, setting up an Inbound content marketing strategy and running it requires a lesser investment that conducting trade shows.