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Landing Page for Lead Generation and product sales – Does One Really Lead to the Other?

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Creating Landing Page for Lead Generation as part of your marketing efforts for product sales is one of the most underrated tasks ever.Let’s take a look at some of the top misconceptions:

  1. It’s just going to be one page
  2. All you need is a form, a set of content, some images, a possible form, and a call to action
  3. You just need to determine the messages you are going to pass on to your target audience and you can fill the rest of the page with words and data that build a larger-than-life impression on the customer.

That’s all! Right?


Landing Page for Lead Generation is one of the most critical initiatives that organizations take for specific marketing campaigns. It’s usually one of the final stages that help gain your audience’s trust before they hit on that call to action button or fill that form, confirming that they are convinced to move to the next level of engagement.

Hence, the more organized this approach while creating for Landing Page for Lead Generation is, the better the results you can reap from the effort.

A landing page has three crucial elements – strategy, content, and design. In this article, we will focus on planning your landing page content and how it ties into the overall strategy.

As always, before defining the solutions, we need to first deep dive into the problem areas. So here is the list of common complaints you will hear and observe after your landing page goes live:

  1. Irrelevant, poor quality content:

Achieving simplicity is possibly the most complex job! This statement is especially true for landing pages. While generating loads of content for marketing collaterals is achievable, using just a few relevant words to convey every concept in a landing page is not that easy.

Monotonous, generic push marketing content hardly provides any scope for differentiation. Heavily worded content, misleading claims, or unclear headings confuse the audience and drive them away from your landing page.

Landing pages for lead generation usually focus on specific aspects of the business; hence the content too must not meander away from the zone of focus.

Similarly, the power of genuine content too is valuable, and helps garner qualified sales leads.

  1. Poor user experience

Whether it software marketing such as enterprise asset management software, J2EE business consulting, or consumer-oriented businesses such as furniture, the number of words you can use is restricted. Hence grabbing your target audience’s attention with every word you use and the manner in which these words are presented are critical.

Without engaging with the audience, what results is often a landing page laden with content, scaring them away. This phenomenon in web jargon is called poor user experience in terms of content.

Your visitors primarily reach the landing page for lead generation looking for some confirmation of what they’ve heard about you. They then need to take definite decisions while on the page. Poor quality of design, low quality of info-graphics, and exhaustive information hence tire them out.

  1. Disorganized Information architecture

Even the best of content is lost when the flow of thought and content structure is flawed. Well-organized information architecture helps visitors find the details they are looking for with ease. As easy as this sounds, often content structure threatens to get out of hand with repetitive concepts and confusing content structure.

  1. Poor landing page maintenance

Landing pages for lead generation with outdated events and offers can be quite an embarrassment. In addition, poor hygiene checks such as broken links, excruciatingly slow loading times, disconnected page link, and factual and content errors are immediate put-offs. A common unfortunate trend is to start out with truckloads of dynamic contents and marketing resources that dwindle into oblivion as months go by. Your audience’s interest levels also decrease proportionally.

  1. Ever heard of the SEO?

So you now have a great landing page, yet it is not bringing you the desired number of visitors – it’s probably because your content is not SEO friendly, which does not really make it discoverable. Not doing homework on the most popular keywords that the target audience searches for to reach you can be detrimental to being found easily.

  1. Elaborate forms

Well forms are a popular feature of landing page, but your form could even be the reason that drives away your potential audience. Probably, your form pops on every visitor’s face without permission or it’s way too long. Ensure that your forms are not intimidating to your visitors.

All these factors lead to one of the most dreaded phenomena in landing page – high bounce rates!

So how do we design a landing page that can generate exciting numbers of marketing leads?

  1. Start with strategy: Ensure that every team member understands the purpose of the landing page:
    1. its purpose
    2. its focus area
    3. what it intends to deliver to the business
    4. who the target audience is
    5. what you would want to tell your audience
    6. what the audience would want to know from you
    7. and most important, what action would you want the visitors to take after visiting the landing page

This approach will help you define the landing page structure in terms of design and content format. It will also help you map the content to the structure easily

  1. Water your landing page regularly with fresh content options: This is not always possible, but having a blog, helps you elaborate on your thoughts, always stay up to date, and expand on content without the usual landing page restrictions.
  1. SEO-friendly content: Make sure you use keyword-friendly content to easily route your target audiences to your site through commonly used search words in your zone of expertise.
  1. Social media links: Social media is one of the most effective means of engaging with your target audience, with thought leadership content and friendly pull marketing strategies. Links to these links from the landing page make them easily accessible.
  1. Work with designs that suit your product and business: Visit leading landing pages for lead generation to review the trends and design keeping the target audience, content structure, and purpose of the landing page in mind.


  1. Showcase values, experience, expertise, and valid testimonials: Rather than mundane talk about your product, engage with your customer through valuable content that establish your credentials and differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors.
  1. Measure, assess, and modify: Most of us ignore the landing page after it’s ready. But be sure to check the analytics to determine what works and what doesn’t. Use A/B testing if you need to choose from more than one option of presentation. Derive insights from the landing page performance data and make smart changes that correct reasons behind poor performance.

A great landing page for lead generation is both a proud report card of your capabilities and an easy route for the audience to connect with you. Do not ignore this brilliant single page and leverage its benefits through smart content!

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