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Marketing services for MSME companies

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Differentiate! !!! Differentiate! If MSMEs do NOT differentiate, then the effort spends on marketing will get NO returns. Difffete you from the competition and this is a critical marketing service for MSME companies.
I do not want to write about the same SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Ads promotion. These are just activities. The team will busy. Being busy will give you returns. Think smart. Differentiate yourself!.  If you don’t have the right people, the marketing results will likes, impressions, and followers.

Three critical steps you should do:

Have a clear cut Go-To-Market Strategy.

Once you have a solid Go to market strategy for small and medium is laid out, other factors like marketing, content planning, etc. fall into place. Putting in an effort to create a meaningful Go-To Market strategy or framework will help you to grow your company in a more meaningful way. So start your business, focus on Go-To-Market planning and strategy with clear goals and objectives, then execute for results.

Get the right people.

Get the right process.

Get the right technology.

Now lets details;

Most importan lessons I studied wroking with at least 100 cusotmers: At the outset, an MSME should not run for a website and SEO content – Traffic & Ranking is not the solution for winning orders. Traffic and Ranking are required but secondary.

Your audeince or Buyers know that as soon as they come to the site, they will feel who you are.

Do not use the superlative words for SEO, even if your SEO experts are insisting.. top, best company of the year… overall.

Try to build genuine and meaningful customer testimonials.

If you pay 10K-20K, some magazines or forums will give you the best company of the year. If you are b2b industry, many decision-makers know about the best, the top, top 10.

Do not provide too much TEXT content on your landing page/ or Home page. Make it minimalists a beautiful, avoid clutter.

Before doing a web marketing strategy or doing SEO (but also BEFORE designing a website, I add), your company must be able to:

Having a differentiating message in all your communication

Why should I choose yours among the many competitors available?

Almost a has become a commodity, the What is your difference ow is it better, more complete, different? How will you convince?

The fundamental question is, Why buy from your company?

Why is your product “packaged” in a different way?

Why can you boast customer service that is always available? Find one (or more) characteristics of your business and always communicate them.

If you are AME, Do not waste your money on social media and digital ads. You would be crushed by competitors who have more funds, more resources, more inventory, and people.

So you have to think about your refined target, your customer profile, who you want to sell your product or service to.

Then focus on the laser-focused value proposition.

If you do not have these two in place, you will be wasting money on marketing.

Key Steps:

Focus on digital sales enablement
Right, Content to Right customers at the right time, executed by the right people. 
If you do this, your leads will be highly qualified. Well, defined leads.

Lead generation – Marketing service for MSME companies

Everybody has targeted messages
Everybody does, EMAIl list and emailing
Everybody does Social Media
Everybody does SEO
Everybody has CRM software to track leads.
Then what will you do?

The best web marketing strategies for SMEs

We have decided to summarize all the most effective Web Marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses in ten simple points.

Create a professional, responsive website

The website of a company must be professional. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase hosting, choose the name and register the domain, and create meaningful content for your audience.

Focus on Content Marketing and create a corporate blog

  • Aligning your content marketing and sales enablement
    Prepare your team for digital sales enablement.
    Make your pre-sales classy.

Have your content marketing process as part of your pre-sales

The term “Content Marketing” means a series of activities for creation. Do not leave for marketing folks.

If you are in a b2b space, if SEO freshers handle the content marketing process, you are wasting your valuable resources.

Put seniors in place in the planning, creating, and sharing of editorial content. Focus on value proposition and share knowledge without holding information. Be a coach in providing experience about the product or service.

Optimize the site for search engines for lead generation and lead conversion., not for traffic and some generic ranking.

Choose strategic keywords and phrases. Do not run after generic keywords. You will never be top-ranked with small budgets.

Working on SEO to improve the site’s positioning among the unpaid results on search engines is essential. However, do not waste too much time in creating SEO content. What matters is is the user experience. There is a site with massive traffic and high ranks for keywords, but the bounce rate is 80%. It is precisely these sites that potential customers turn to seek information given their possible purchases, however a cluttered site.

For small and medium-sized businesses operating locally, local SEO matters. Now the world is small in digital space; you can reach any geography as long as your customer wants your product.
Claim your business location on Google My Business and to make sure all information is correct.

Work with the Target audience.

The marketing activiites must be partcipatory. Make sure your marketing folks acquire the essential skills for participatory marketing. MAke sure you team can design effective corporate/company and product positioning. Selectively apply advertising campaigns on the web to communicate, promote, and sell through the site and Social Networks.

The initiative offers the opportunity to learn how to set up a corporate communication and promotion strategy through the marketing and advertising tools made available on the Web.

Website success is not about traffic alone. Some bots bring daily 10K traffic to your site! Optimize your site for the right people and have meaningful, measurable goals and results that drive your business.

Build an ability to identify influencers and create and distribute the right online content. Build skillsets to communicate with consumers, design effective advertising campaigns, and measure the results.


Differentiate! !!! Differentiate! If not, you are wasting money and time. You may do SEO, Social Media, and many more. The fact is you will doing activities that don’t bring revenue. You may be funding finance someone or Facebook & Google!
SME focus on value proposition and value sharing with your customer. For this process, focus on Digital sale enablement and content marketing. Do not waste your time and resources on digital marketing budgets unless you are very clear with the results. Likes, followers, and shares will are just activity. What matters is lead generation and lead conversion.

Connect with us for digital business marketing formula for SME and MSME companies. Being busy is easy while executing marketing services for MSME companies, but generaing results is not that easy!