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Microlearning content through videos need rich content

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What is microlearning? Microlearning is a training approach that uses small, bit-sized and focused content resources to help the trainee or the learner to meet a specific need. Microlearning is not just for training companies or skills providers. Any organization can apply microlearning techniques to keep updating their employees as part of reskilling or upskilling programs.  Microlearning is used anywhere where conventional lessons can emphasize theory and a long-term curriculum. Microlearning content through video is high in demand. Microlearning content through videos can be applied quickly to your teams / learners.  Success of the effort comes from the intelligent and rich content development for microlearning. How do we develop right content? The answer is based on the goals your content and its applicability.

Let’s check the goals and related attributes  of useful microlearning content

Timely – One of the most important benefits of this type of learning is the opportunity for learners to participate in lessons at the exact time they need. In other words, it is just-in-time learning. This facilitates the transfer of knowledge & skill to action in real time.

Targeted: The content has to be precise, targeted for an impact and a micro-lesson is specifically directed to the points. It is objective oriented, and the intelligent content focuses only on what the learner needs to know for that particular content at that time.

Self-directed – The best platforms for micro lesson delivery are self-directed. Companies can push search feeds to their employees.  Search feeds or content feeds improve the timeliness and targeting of learning content. Learners have the power to access a variety of lessons when they need them.

Responsive – For any content lesson to be effective, you must provide helpful feedback to learners promptly. In a microenvironment, this is even more important. Therefore, the best micro experiences respond to learning needs. Learners can instantly provide feedback and ratings.

Measurable: Well managed microlearning content can produce quantifiable results. The content is developed and delivered as a capsule, and it will be easier to apply to the learners and quick results on the performance.

Developing microlearning content through videos.

Developing microlearning videos – Bit-Sized videos needs its own skills. Microlearning can be delivered in any medium such as text, audio, graphics animated, videos giff and videos.  Video is the most selected way by companies to provide this type of focused content. Videos are developed, and it must be compatible with the Learning Management Platform chosen by the organization.

Speed of study:  Employees/ Learners can go through videos relatively quickly, especially when they are short and focused. Audiovisual content is usually easier to digest in a short period than textual or graphic content. This is ideal for training on the microscale, especially when employees are on the field, ore remotely working from the main office.

Quick delivery: Content experts with intelligent content ideation to script can easily create a video. It is often easier for skill providers trainers to record themselves or demonstrate the activity of each task. This is especially true for simple and concise videos that are popular in the microenvironment.

Expert Training:  Intelligent and rich content can provide effective videos.  Video can be used to convey more information than books or PPT run learning content. More deep dive into the subject with 3Combine visual and audio content. In addition to being more information-dense, this combination also helps participants with different learning styles.

Interactive – Video, especially when combined with Learning Management applications, can be more interactive than text, graphics and photo images. Give users more ways to control what they are viewing and when to how to consider concerning their time.  LMS & video platforms allow trainers to include instant alerts to learners,  quizzes and other interactive components that will be engaging to the learners.

Microlearning – Application perspective:

Microlearning or bite-sized learning applies to all low skills, medium skill and high skills development learning situation. Whether parking lot attendant, fast food worker, courier man,or a door man bite-sized learning  can be provided.  Unskilled, semi skilled and high skilled employees can be provided with bit-sized leaning. Unskilled are those segment of the people associated with a limited skill set or minimal economic value for the work performed.

LMS Software and learning applications can have built-in answers to the questions that need an immediate response.  Low skills learning such as how to book a courier or a how-to approve the quality of an apple carton by a retail store salesperson to massive machinery maintenance worker’s skills. How to verify the ID of a person at the entry and exit. This is an example of skills required for a security staff.  There are temporary staff deployed due resource shortage. The quick bites will provide the training at short time. With microlearning knowledge capsules, it is becoming a huge global trend, especially for machinery or industrial product with 1000 of parts attached to a single product. It is applied to Aircraft maintenance and repair, shipbuilding, luxury boat maintenance and much more such that requires unique skills training.


Microlearning is a skill development strategy characterized by the size or conciseness of its lessons and its learning units. The training activities of this system have a duration of up to fifteen minutes. Knowledge and skill sets are provided to the learners and in a more dynamic, not a static way. Microlearning content through videos is one of best option for quick impact. Developing microlearning content through videos needs specific skills focusing these fundamental objectives and attributes of microlearning. Write to us to get our value proposal for microlearning content through videos!