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Pay Per Click in Digital Marketing is it Worth The Effort?

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The disruptive era of Pay per Click in Digital Marketing has indeed arrived and is here to stay – for a long time! With tons of resources invested into gaining the attention of the target audience, the mega aim of every digital marketing agency is to attract attention, build lasting relationships, and strengthen your brand identity in your market space.

We’ve come a long way from the traditional methods used by digital marketing experts, which meant long-term observation and improvement of SEO? These techniques required a lot of time and patience, both of which are increasingly becoming rare in today’s ultra-busy times.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click - Proof of Pudding

In this scenario of transition from slow and steady to fast and exponential, an interesting approach used by Pay per Click in Digital Marketing tools and specialists soon caught everyone’s attention – paid search or pay per click (PPC). Companies like The Perfume Shop took this route to climb the ladder of success. With Net Media Planet to support their paid search endeavours, they realized that their customers were widely influenced by the celebrity culture and used this concept to launch their PPC campaign. They utilized YouTube video targeting tools to overlay adverts for celebrity perfumes with their target being a wide gamut of celebrity videos on YouTube.? The result: +236% return in investment through conversion! That’s the power of PPC across verticals – from digital marketing for IT products to digital marketing for publishing!

PPC - What's The Big Deal?

PPC is the latest trend in digital marketing wherein you advertise within the sponsored links of search engines such as Google or any partner site and pay every time your ad gets clicked. These ads usually take the top positions on your search engine results. Understanding who makes it to the top is the key to a successful campaign.

How do they rank your ads?

Pay Per click one of the most effective ways of optimizing the marketing budget

As a company, you can work on your success formula based on how much you can bid. The higher you go in comparison with your competitors, the more prominent the position of your ad. But it is not always just your biding that influences the position. For example, Google?s PPC platform Adwords is structured to benefit everyone involved – it picks the smartest ad that presents its campaign focus well. A combined weight of the bidding and the score is considered while choosing the ad positions during each search.

So, other than the bidding, the way to your search engine?s heart is by creating a compelling campaign ad that effectively features your business-specific keywords. Keywords are the souls of Pay per Click in Digital Marketing as they are a direct reflection of your customers choices. Hence the better understanding you have of the mystic world of keywords even as you plan your digital marketing strategy, the closer you are getting to them bang on target.

Elements That Enable An Effective PPC Approach

A crucial support to an effective PPC campaign is to take your customers who click on the magic button to a relevant landing page that speaks only of one focal aspect of your business rather than any generic page of your website. This focus will help boost their interest in your products.

Did we mention a button? Yes, we did! PPC’s success depends essentially on the quality of content used – creating a tsunami of emotional connect with your potential customers goes a long way – and don’t forget the call to action! Unless your trigger your audience’s interest to click with a brilliant call to action, you’ll not exactly get to your goal!

It is always important to weigh your choices and go for the platform that offers you maximum benefits. Understand platforms that are commonly used by customers and bid there.

Although SEO looks cheaper, PPC is more effective and costs less. So instead of spending on organic search results that indirectly drain out time and resources, an investment in PPC can help carve a better niche for your brand. The key is to test and work on the feedback to achieve an optimum level of results. With undivided attention to your Pay per Click in Digital Marketing you can climb your success ladder sooner than imagined which is think is worth the pay.

So, go ahead, place your bet on some brilliant ppc campaigns!