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What is a white paper? Lets understand its efforts and pricing for white paper

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What is a white paper? Definition and definition of terms. The white word paper comes from English and means “white paper”. White papers were originally used in politics. For example, political action, state financial situation and changes in the law were published. Later on, white papers then prominent  in IT, technology and industry verticals. There are white paper created for b2b and b2c industry. Since there are ample topics areas such as innovations, processes and systems business efficiencies and transformation were explained through white papers. There are now white papers in all industry sectors. It is always essential that it is a detailed, factual and fact-based document on a specific topic that explains it and conveys clear and precise information. ( not generic!). So budgets and pricing for white paper is critical, since it is one of the key content type in the b2b content marketing plans.

A white paper is, by definition, a multi-page document that deals with a specific topic and offers the reader added value as well as information for problem-solving of particular topics. It is usually provided as a free PDF download after providing the user’s contact details from a company on their website.

White papers can be written or created for any industries verticals and horizontal functions. The pricing for white paper varies from Industry. Scientific and more technology application related industries such as defence, aerospace and Oil and Gas requires more research work. Other verticals such as banking, healthcare  and manufacturing are more common and feasible working areas.  Numerous companies use white papers in marketing or public relations to position themselves as experts or authority on a specific topic. The term “thought leadership” is often used for this in marketing.

White paper and specific topics.

White papers are written for specific focused topics Example for a CRM application, following white paper can be prepared.

Market research reports on CRM applications
Functional analysis of CRM applications
Application of AI-based CRM in the Insurance Industry
Strategic analysis of Implementing CRM in the Insurance Industry
User reports of CRM in BFSI

Typically, white papers describe a problem and use one or more examples to show solutions and best practices. Often it is also about advantages and disadvantages or costs and savings potential or ROI with a specific solution or a specific product. For this reason, white papers, unlike many other marketing materials, have a particular benefit for readers.

White papers generally do not use a brand or sales language. In the best case, they explain problems, offer suitable value proposition and target-group-understandable solutions for them. After reading, the reader is smarter than before and has not only been given nicely prepared marketing phrases. The size of a white paper usually does not exceed 30 to 35  pages.

Tips for your b2b white paper.

Pricing for white paper must be within the control. Writers must follow standards and have control on the quality, quantity, efforts and plan the budgets in advance so as to have the pricing for white paper will be under control.

1. Determine your target group and personas well in advance

2. Start from whatever already existing b2b marketing content such as case study a or blog article

3. Choose a topic that you know well in terms of domain, market-landscape and functional knowledge

4. Focus on what problem does your white paper solve and to target audience?

5. Focus on value proposition and avoid promoting any brand names within the main pages.

6. Provide high content quality, do not write too much of generic information and be specific

7. Have a TOC in the very beginning, it’s format and length. Avoid too many colour photos.

8. Title, TOC and description also need deep research, which is the most attractive for Search engines

9. There is NO adhoc work here. Its a planned effort. Take your time, but set a deadline

10. Have a Landing page and promote the white paper for better reach

White Paper – Resources, efforts and Budgets

In B2B marketing, white papers mostly serve the goal of generating leads. This can be for building traffic to creating high-quality leads. These are digital assets and the the user can provide his contact details before downloading from the source. These are made after extensive research by a subject matter expert and contents are well placed and created to the respective target group. This only works if the white paper also addresses the needs and challenges of a suitable buyer persona. White papers are prepared in a logical structure and are laid out in a complex manner – especially in B2B marketing. So these require ample time and research. This effort involves quality graphics or images, and some graphics expertise is needed. This effort can be two weeks of work to two months of a writer. It is a mix of skills such as research, creative writing, functional knowledge, Industry expertise, copy editing, content placing and quality check.

Cost Estimate or pricing for white paper :

At addKraft , the pricing for white paper is based on the effort required. We write white papers for all b2b topics for about 20 to 30 pages. This pricing includes contextual images. If there are custom graphics, the charges are based on each graphics as extra. Whatever the content types, we will make sure that your target audience of the white paper sees your value proposition and competence as a clear distinction.

We charge for the basic white paper of about 20 pages that includes 10 to 15 hours of research for about Rs. 8K .or above.

Then for a larger volume that has 30 pages, and a research time spend for about 25 to 30 hours based for about Rs.50K/- or more.


White papers are research-based creative work, and they are the right content to successful B2B marketing. The client and the writer jointly create topic and Table of Content. The paper will provide detailed value proposition  by indirectly promoting the product and  work as a digital asset to acquire leads. Experts will write a white paper based on a certain fundamental base such as personas, scenarios and customer buying stages. Have a budget for white paper. Plan in advance so that efforts and so that pricing for white paper will be within the marketing budgets. Marketers and writers will together in measuring the goals and success of the digital asset. Enjoy writing!

Asha Tarvadi