addkraft’s S-M-C (Strategy-Marketing-Content) approach ensures consistent performance on our projects.

We use four core processes to ensure that our Strategy-Marketing-Content approach connects with your target audience:

1. Contextual Content Crafting
2. Competitive Intelligence
3. Strategic Content Marketing
4. Content and Lead Generation

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Our specific services can be categorized as follows; please click on each category for a brief overview of what the service covers:


Go-to-Market Strategy
Positioning and Re-Positioning
Research – strategic and tactical
Landscape, gap and competitive strategy mapping
Go-to-market planning and readiness


Lead and demand generation services
Partner marketing services
Collateral development & releases
Marketing planning and execution


Start-up Services
Bridging content strategy with wireframes and GUI

Generic Services
Content writing for web and portals
Content for Wikipedia
Content re-writing for Wikipedia
Content editing and proofreading
Content for SEO optimization
Writing interviews (eg, with CXOs)
Content writing for e-commerce
Content writing and management for blogs
Domain and Subject Expert services
Content writing for ecommerce
Content for SaaS-based software services
Content for discrete manufacturing companies
Content for service-oriented companies
Content for process industries



addkraft helps you assess the market to determine who your target audience is, who your competitor is, and what the current market landscape looks like with respect to your product or service. It also involves planning your act well and doing your homework before you jump into competition. Our strategic inputs will help you answer many questions, for instance:
• Where in the market landscape do you want to compete?
• What is your strategic value?
• What are the skills, resources and capabilities that you utilize and would want your target audience to know?
• How can you sustain your strategic positions?
At addKraft we are focused towards helping our customers build and manage content marketing for enterprise business applications, online business models and business ecosystems. The final end product is the go-to-market plan that is tailor-made to suit your expectations.


addkraft helps plan and execute an integrated marketing communication. We believe in consistent campaigns that will connect with the target audience using concise and consistent messages. addkraft’s marketing activities include building custom databases, target lists, contact points, brand visualization, telesales, collateral planning, email marketing , social media marketing, online direct marketing campaigns and sales activities. addkraft also supports you in understanding your buyers’ persona and helps chart out your brand execution approach based on your budget.


Bridging content strategy with wireframes and GUI
This service is start-up specific and is valuable when the marketing channel identified (website or portal, for example) requires a basic blueprint and GUI to be prepared before it is filled with relevant content. This involves two stages:
1. Creation of wireframes with dummy text to identify the type of content required in the space (detailed promotional content, short paragraphs introducing the concept, phrases, call-to-action phrases, etc.) and
2. GUI mapping involves mapping the content wireframe against the GUI of the channel to ensure that the balance between the design and content is not disturbed. Too much content can be overbearing, while too little or poorly placed content will not bring the desired effect.

Content writing for web and portals
addkraft provides customized content that fits your requirement and website and portal design. We work on various formats of content:
1. New website creation – creation of content from scratch
2. Content to highlight a new service or product in the website
3. SEO-based content for websites
4. Category-based content creation
a. Web page content
b. Video script
c. FAQs
d. Descriptive “how-to” content and user guides
e. Case studies, white papers, reports
f. Press release content
g. Articles for community-based content

Content re-writing
addkraft works on re-modelling content or prefaces to complete content based on pointers. We can work on content to revise the tone, work on the language (developmental editing), and change approach to suit requirement – from a marketing tone to an academic tone.

Content editing and proofreading
Sometimes all that your content requires is copy editing or proofreading – we then work on technical editing, spell check and language editing. We also work on fact checking and content style checks where required.

Content for SEO optimization
Content that cannot be found has no value – addkraft hence works on creating content around SEO terms to ensure that your content is discovered online.

Writing interviews (eg, with CXOs)
Crafting interview questions and presenting the interviewees’ responses and thoughts in a cohesive manner, staying with the intended perspective but not meddling with the message.

Content writing for blogs
Today’s business mantra is personalized marketing, where creating a connection with your target audience and building trust is what matters. What better way to encourage sharing of thoughts and creating a community of brand followers than blogging! addkraft provides content support in maintaining a business-based blog to share business-related, non-marketing content that draws interest.

Domain and Subject Expert services
addkraft works with a team of writers from different business sectors whose subject-specific expertise in the particular areas is a distinct advantage in creating meaningful content in the corresponding domain. We are working to expand our domain expertise areas to include more such content writers from different fields.

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