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Setting up digital marketing process and team – External or Internal

The realm of marketing has always been an issue of concern for small and medium companies, as they are often perplexed by the wide range of problems related to marketing practices. This has challenged their overall productivity in today’s immensely competitive marketplace. This articles covers challenges of small and medium companies (SMEs) in setting up digital marketing .  Inefficient marketing strategies and lack of interest in setting up digital marketing have led to the downfall of numerous enterprises in the start up world, and this issue continues to plague the productivity of most of these companies. A holistic study of the problems, their causes and effects, in the context of Marketing is essential, to formulate useful solutions and alternatives for an efficient marketing strategy that is suitable to SMEs.

So what are the major problems faced by Small and Medium companies in the context of setting up digital marketing their products and services?

  1. Lack of right skills

The small and medium products or services companies have found it extremely difficult to recruit persons with sound knowledge about marketing and allied activities. As these companies are unable to accommodate too much capital to this particular function, lack of special skills with respect to efficient marketing is a major concern for SMEs.

  1. Not having enough marketing leads

SME’s find it very difficult to get right clients and customers because of the poor quality of leads, and the marketing executives are often not that knowledgeable about the product they need to market. Poor lead generation, its visibility and predictability is the consequence of a flawed marketing strategy that does not take into account the development of intelligent content.

  1. Lack of focus.

The SME’s tend to get carried away by their main objective of releasing products and some quick revenue ; so they try to invest only in the core business activities and refrain from investing in the marketing functions and right tools, which poses a major issue of concern for any campaign. SME’s, especially software companies tend to underestimate the significance of software product marketing that adversely affects the leads and demand generation.

  1. Improper infrastructure

The SMEs have numerous constraints like lack of client data, information related to customers and proper relationship management, all of which has made it hard to get proper infrastructure for the marketing function. Prospects persona information and other critical information resources are crucial, especially for software companies to perform efficient and effective content marketing for software products.

  1. No adaption of advance & updated techniques of marketing

Most of the SME’s still follow the traditional ways of marketing. Lack of proper guidance from respective expertise has made them unwilling to adapt to advanced techniques of marketing which are crucial to lead generation, marketing funnel and client acquisition. Most of these companies seem to have overlooked the significance of content and especially intelligent content marketing, as they still rely on marketing strategies that have become obsolete in an ever-changing marketplace.

So how do address the issue?

The above problems make it necessary for the company to do more focus and apply strategies, which would be a burden on the SMEs. So we arrive at the best possible alternative out there to thwart all the above mentioned issues, which is Marketing Outsourcing, that would allow the companies to easily monitor the process instead of focusing and holding basic infrastructure.

So, what exactly are the advantages of setting up digital marketing through an outsourced partner.

1.It enables the companies to focus on core business competencies; the company could rely on their strengths rather than fighting for deliverables.

2.Marketing Outsourcing could get them revolutionary out of the box ideas from the teams that would help in generating intelligent content and effectively positioning their respective products.

3.The overheads issues could be drastically reduced which includes cost of additional office space, computers, vendor relationships, etc

4.It helps in maintaining the momentum during the tough times of business fluctuations and competitive pressures.

5.Marketing Outsourcing brings the best value to the firm with increased efficiency, productivity and differential from competitors.

The Primary Reasons for Outsourcing

  1. Outsourcing enables these firms to attain world-class capabilities, opportunities and sophistication that contribute to increased demand generation
  2. It helps a firm in obtaining resources that are not available internally for experiencing rapid growth and getting into new geographies.
  3. It helps the management in controlling and monitory the performance measurement rather than troubleshooting.
  4. It helps in redirecting resources from non-core areas to the ones that have a greater impact in the business.
  5. Outsourcing also helps in sharing risks related to suppliers, demand variability and capital investments.

Thus, discovering and maintaining creative talents proficient in intelligent content writing and content marketing is probably the biggest challenge bothering the small and medium industries today as encapsulated above; and it is evident that Marketing Outsourcing is the key to meet the fast changing needs of new-age businesses, as it would allow these companies to focus on their core business competencies without worrying about the domain of marketing.

Setting up of  marketing process internally – Employ a consultant

Consultant will set you a start-up digital marketing process. This covers strategy, people recruitment, training, process SLAs, Key responsibility and performance Activities and KPIs. For an SME, this outsourced consulting for setting up digital marketing team internally can be executed in 120 days.

Connect with to know more about outsourced digital marketing services OR outsourced consulting service for setting up digital marketing services internally.

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