Strategic content and its marketing are the next complementary prerequisites for a successful business.

Strategic content is an integral part of competitive intelligence. Today’s marketers are surrounded by the hodgepodgecaused by heavy competition from all directions – expected and unexpected. Lower entry barriers to the technology space, an abundance of products (new and competitive) in the market,commoditization and excessive incremental instead of transformative innovations are reasons for this clutter of confusing information. Hence, to successfully sell a service, product or idea, we require strategic content – content that is a result of a competitive intelligence process. Such content will help your product, service or idea stand out as a unique offering among the competitors.AddKraft fulfills this requirement for content that delivers significant and distinct value.

Addkraft’s strategic content marketing helps your organization strategize relevant content in terms of substance, structure and intention –to analyze and process the purpose of every content,to determine the type of content required (e.g., topics, types, sources),to define the messages that the content needs to communicate to your audience and finally to route the content through the best channel that will reach your target audience effectively. Hence AddKraft covers all aspects of strategizing content – from how content is created to how content is prioritized, organized, formatted, and displayed.Our team also has expertise in choosing the appropriate tools, process, quality standards,resources and skill set required for a customized strategic content marketing approach.

Addkraft content crafters make sure that your content marketing is unique, makes you stand out among your competitors and helps you achieve your marketing goals using a 360-degree approach.



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