content marketing strategy

Without a genuine content marketing strategy, digital marketing will do courier service only.

Content marketing is the most effective way to gain website traffic and is widely used in digital marketing by enterprises across the world. It focuses on providing users with valuable, relevant information about a company’s products and services, thereby attracting customers to your site. Without genuine content marketing strategy, digital marketing will do courier service […]

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go to market

Why Indian SaaS go to market strategy fails? Challenges of SaaS go to market

3 Major Reasons Why Your Indian SaaS Strategy Is Failing 3 Major Reasons Why Your Indian SaaS Strategy Is Failing By Kartik Dulloo on in Marketing, Productivity The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem in India is witnessing a tremendous increase in activity in terms of the number of new startups emerging and establishing themselves. There’s a belief […]

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b2b Content Marketing

b2b Content Marketing for software products and services

In the present era of constant breakthrough innovations, a majority of the software companies are facing serious challenges. This is due to the fact that poor focus on b2b content marketing their products, which heavily influences their profits and growth prospects. The reasons are many: Organizations are increasingly focusing on creating a ripple in the […]

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The art of talking about technology without mentioning technology!

A presentation I attended a couple of months back at the NASSCOM product conclave , Bangalore  left a lasting impression on me -it was a 30-min presentation by Mr. JP Rangaswami, Chief Data Officer at Deutsche Bank.  He shared with us his thoughts on the power of data, big data, and analytics in business; the […]

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content writing for ecommerce

The great Indian e-Commerce Mela – content writing for eCommerce

Online commercial activities are definitely the first option for any type of transaction today. It provides easy access – during anytime, from anywhere, and for anything.  You are assured of an efficient service and an enjoyable experience. With the advent of the e-commerce era, every transaction is just a click away. If you have an […]

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call to action content

Call-to-Action Content – Just Do It!

Yes, Nike’s most popular tagline accurately describes the purpose of call-to-action content  in today’s content marketing. A magic term that draws your audience’s attention, tells them what action they need to take next. It summarizes the purpose of your overall content. In today’s content showstopper is clearly the call-to-action content – terms and the phrases […]

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Addkraft content marketing technology

‘So what? What’s in there for me?’ a sure do for B2B technology marketing

Choosing a creative partner for B2B technology marketing is a unique challenge. I think that the best way to support my statement is by narrating, a recent painful incident, which taught me a precious lesson and encouraged me to make a list of the key steps a B2B technology provider must consider while choosing creative […]

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