content marketing strategy

Without a genuine content marketing strategy, digital marketing will do courier service only.

Content marketing is the most effective way to gain website traffic and is widely used in digital marketing by enterprises across the world. It focuses on providing users with valuable, relevant information about a company’s products and services, thereby attracting customers to your site. Without genuine content marketing strategy, digital marketing will do courier service […]

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Content writing for Software Product Marketing

Meaningful and Persuasive Content: Content writing for Software Product Marketing

Software product marketing is unique to every software development organization. This is a follow-up article of  Meaningful and Persuasive Content writing for software products is very much needed.  There is always a differentiated features and benefits  that results ‘wow’ factor that is associated with the products. Sales is an experience. By this time, it is […]

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best content marketing

ERP implementation failures – some documented examples

Why Do ERP Implementations fail – How Can You Steer Clear of These Failure Stories? ERP implementations are no longer luxurious bonuses you add to your enterprise wish list. It’s more a necessity if you really want to reach your business goals. But most ERP implementation stories are long-drawn emotional soap operas ridden with delays, […]

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SaaS product Marketing and learning the Ropes from the SaaS Leaders: SaaS Product Adoption Strategies from Three Industry Forerunners

It’s time to celebrate! As part of SaaS product marketing, as a customer your organization just decided to implement one of the best SaaS products in the market. You are super-sure that this investment will bring in brilliant returns. Now, let’s fast forward to, say, a couple of months from now. You must ideally be […]

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content writing for sales for wow effect

In a state of perpetual “wow” factor for content writing for sales

Guaranteed eternal honeymoon period with your target audience through “wow’ focused content writing for sales. We live in a world of constant disruption, where change has become an essential aspect of every realm of life. This trend was catalyzed by the intense digital boom and skills with effective content writing for sales , which empowered […]

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content writing for technology - leap frog

A digital kumbhmela proclaiming the ‘Make in India’ revolution! – content writing for technology

It was indeed a conclave of the most brilliant software product minds in the country. The halls and lobby were bursting with the energy and enthusiasm of the budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. The passion to succeed, to go to any extent to achieve their goals, to scale up from an “entrepreneur” to a “technocrat”, and […]

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content writing for ecommerce

The great Indian e-Commerce Mela – content writing for eCommerce

Online commercial activities are definitely the first option for any type of transaction today. It provides easy access – during anytime, from anywhere, and for anything.  You are assured of an efficient service and an enjoyable experience. With the advent of the e-commerce era, every transaction is just a click away. If you have an […]

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call to action content

Call-to-Action Content – Just Do It!

Yes, Nike’s most popular tagline accurately describes the purpose of call-to-action content  in today’s content marketing. A magic term that draws your audience’s attention, tells them what action they need to take next. It summarizes the purpose of your overall content. In today’s content showstopper is clearly the call-to-action content – terms and the phrases […]

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content writer for b2b websites

A listener, analyst, planner and visionary – the 4-stroke content writer for b2b websites

Content writing in the field of eCommerce, b2b and technology marketing has unique challenges – positioning your business among hundreds of other competitors who have expertise similar to you is by far the biggest hurdle. Additionally, content writer for b2b websites have to determine what your business’ true market value is and how your buyers […]

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