Content marketing services for SMEs

3 Minutes read Return on Investment for a marketing campaign is extremely critical for any business to succeed. Especially if you are small scale (Small and Medium enterprises) business, your marketing budget needs to be prudent.  You need to have the right mix of  marketing techniques to reach your target audience. But, how will you […]

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content for ecommerce

Content Mantra for e-Commerce Companies – content for ecommerce

Positive Reinforcement: Content Mantra for e-Commerce Companies, in simple terms compelling and persuasive content for eCommerce “Do well in your exams and we’ll get you your favorite bicycle” “What a wonderful child you are! You cleaned your room all by yourself!” “Better share your toy with your sister, else we’ll give away all your toys” […]

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engaging content assures sales

engaging content – a real enabler for your e-commerce revenue stream

Maintaining engaging content in an e-commerce portal is often a challenging experience for promoters, who are already bogged down by the operational side of portal management. How can a continuous stream of relevant content be managed? If content forms the circulatory system, what mechanism pumps content in and out of the system such that the […]

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The circulatory system of e-commerce content engagement

Engaging content for eCommerce – the circulatory system of e-commerce

In today’s world, there are very few prefixes that are more powerful than “e-“ – this single entity has taken up significance beyond the obvious “electronic” to represent “ease,” “economic,” “ever-changing,” “efficient,” “engaging,” and so many more means of making life comfortable at a single click of the mouse. The net is exploding with webites […]

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